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2K removes Brock Lesnar from WWE SuperCard mobile game


2K has wiped Brock Lesnar from its SuperCard game and will likely not feature on future games by the video game publisher.

Originally reported by PWInsider.com, Lesnar’s removal was not a surprise after the former multi-time WWE champion was implicated in the Janel Grant lawsuit.

While never mentioned directly by his name, the lawsuit alleged that Grant was offered to Brock Lesnar, referred to as former UFC champion and WWE Superstar, for sex while McMahon was in negotiations with him for a contract renewal.

“As in other instances, McMahon described his fantasy of seeing Ms. Grant engaged in unmerciful sexual acts with WWE Superstar during which he would ‘rip’ her open,” the lawsuit continues, adding that McMahon told Grant that he wanted to have this WWE Superstar under a new contract even though he indicated an interest in a “return to other professional endeavors.”

In July 2021, McMahon allegedly directed Grant to create personalized sexual content for this particular WWE Superstar and after sharing this content, McMahon told Grant that “he likes what he sees.”

The Beast Incarnate was also removed from any upcoming WWE creative and his Royal Rumble appearance was scrapped after the lawsuit came out.

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