Matt Hardy reflects on choice ahead as wife says contract ends in March 2019


Speaking on the Busted Open show on SiriusXM, Matt Hardy’s wife Reby confirmed that his contract with WWE will wrap up in March and he’s still not sure what he’s going to be doing.

“There’s sort of a decision to be made at this point as to whether or not he should continue his in-ring career or if she should pursue something different, which he would totally be up for and would be excited to do,” Reby said.

Matt spent this long SummerSlam weekend in a different role, as a backstage producer and Reby said that they are in a transitional time right now.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Matt said that he’s spent a majority of his life in hotels and there’s always long halls with dozens of doors in them. “It’s great symbolism for where I’m at in my life/career right now.. Which door shall I choose & will I be happy & comfortable in that particular chamber?”