Luke Harper injured and Braun Strowman hit by fan during post-Raw match


Luke Harper suffered an injury during the Raw dark match yesterday in Philly as the Wyatts went against Roman Reigns, Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn, and Dean Ambrose in an eight man tag team match.

The injury was somewhat of a freak accident as Harper was unloading fists on Roman Reigns as he was held in the enemy’s corner. All of a sudden Harper’s right leg buckled underneath him and went down. He immediately reached out to tag Bray Wyatt and exited the ring as one of the WWE medical personnel attended to him at ringside.

Eventually Harper was taken to the back in a wheelchair which was pushed by Wyatt. WWE has not acknowledged the injury as of yet.

In another incident during the dark match, Braun Strowman was struck by someone who was sitting at ringside while he was selling getting hit by Dean Ambrose. Strowman alerted the security who was sitting a few feet away from the fan and he was eventually ejected.
You can see a video of Harper’s injury and Strowman getting hit which is at the 1:30 minute mark below.