Another stipulation added to Shane vs Taker Hell In A Cell match


The Shane McMahon vs Undertaker match at WrestleMania has a new stipulation which will prevent The Undertaker from losing on purpose, giving Shane the advantage over his father.

While Shane McMahon will wrestle to take over Raw, The Undertaker will wrestle to keep his spot in future WrestleManias as Vince McMahon revealed on Raw that if Taker loses this match, he will never wrestle at another WrestleMania again. Shane will hand over his “lock box” to his father if he’s unsuccessful in defeating Taker and in storyline terms he would have no more leverage over his old man.

There were rumors that the Hell In A Cell match between the two might be placed in the main event spot at the show, replacing Triple H vs Roman Reigns as the top match of the card however it’s highly unlikely that the WWE World Heavyweight title match will not close the show.