Lana’s gender equality and pay rant on Twitter sparks fury of replies


WWE Diva Lana touched a sensitive subject on Twitter that resulted in some negative comments towards her, with the Ravishing Russian blocking those who wrote some degrading comments.

Talking about gender equality and equal pay, Lana wrote, “If a man were a woman for just one day the entire world would be a different place. PMS, periods, 9 months of hell, child raising, working, yet we still get paid less, without any justification but that we were born this way.”

It’s a subject that former WWE Diva AJ Lee called out Stephanie McMahon on a few months ago and while Lana didn’t direct her message to anyone in particular, you can bet that the message was received loud and clear.

While a good share of fans agreed, the majority, even females, didn’t have good things to say.

“Her hubby risks his life and limb 300+ days a year…. She puts makeup on and DOES AN ACCENT. and she deserves same?!” said one Twitter user, referring to Rusev as her “hubby,” although he isn’t. Yet.

“Then why don’t businesses only hire women since they could pay them less,” said another one. “Yes being a beautiful woman has really held you down.  I’m sorry for your bad luck. Hope you feel better soon,” another Twitter user sarcastically fired back.

“That’s not true. The wage gap is a myth. Don’t just repeat ill-researched rubbish,” a female Twitter user replied.

Some users took the comedy route in replying to Lana. “We would probably spend half the day nude in front of a mirror examining our new bodies,” wrote one. And one female user had probably the funniest reply of them all. “Depends what field your in I guess,” she wrote. “Women make sh!t loads more in porn than men do. Ever considered that one?” Oops!