Dolph Ziggler follows Lana with a rant of his own


Lana was not the only one who decided to rant on a sensitive subject on Twitter today as Dolph Ziggler seemingly aired his frustration in WWE in one of his typical long messages.

Saying he has the “boyz to make the noize,” the former World champion threw in a couple of shots at his Extreme Rules opponent Sheamus.

“Overachievement & charisma ALMOST equals being tall & wearing marital beads on your mouth, yet I’m the one with the ATTITUDE problem,” Ziggler wrote.

“You’ve got 5 months to prove that ‘I’ need ‘YOU,’” he added, maybe suggesting that he has five months left on his contract. “THIS is for everyone screwed over bc they did what they weren’t supposed to, GET OVER it.”

Before signing off, he fired one more shot towards Sheamus, referring to him as the guy who never loses. “BTW haven’t you kissed enough ass, fella?”