James Ellsworth explains his actions from TLC, cashing in tomorrow


James Ellsworth explained his actions from last night’s TLC pay-per-view on Talking Smack immediately following the pay-per-view.

Ellsworth called it the best strategy ever, and since he already defeated AJ Styles three times, it was the best thing he could do as he has “AJ Styles’ number.”

When Renee Young pointed out to him that he robbed “his best friend” the WWE title opportunity, Ellsworth didn’t really care much and he said the two “go way back” and Dean would have done the same thing to him if the roles were reversed. Ellsworth said to make it up to him, he would give Ambrose the first title shot after he wins the WWE title.

Ellsworth also revealed that he is cashing in his WWE World Heavyweight title match tomorrow night on Smackdown.