Hell In A Cell tops pay-per-view buys in Q4 2013


The Hell In A Cell pay-per-view was the most successful in the last quarter while Battleground was the biggest loser out of the four pay-per-views which WWE offered between October and December.

The first Battleground did 114,000 buys, followed by Hell In A Cell with 228,000 buys, up from the 199,000 the show did the previous year. The Survivor Series was down from 208,000 buys of the 2012 edition to just 177,000 in 2013 while TLC did 181,000 buys, an increase of just 6,000 buys over the previous year.

Survivor Series is the worst of the original top four pay-per-views when it comes to buys and is no longer a draw as in previous years.