WWE reacts to DISH Network’s statement


In reaction to DISH Network’s decision to dump the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view from its schedule and basically the rest of the WWE pay-per-views, WWE issued a statement on their own.

“WWE is pleased that the majority of our cable and satellite Pay-Per-View distributors are giving our fans an option to purchase traditional Pay-Per-Views as we prepare to launch WWE Network on Monday, February 24. Unfortunately, DISH will not be doing so. We hope DISH will reconsider for this Sunday’s Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View event and especially for WrestleMania 30,” the statement read.

WrestleMania 30 will undoubtedly be a major, major loss in revenue for both WWE and DISH if the provider decides not to carry it as well. DISH said that it will consider carrying WWE shows on an event-by-event basis.