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Fan kicked out of SoFi Stadium for “impersonating a police officer” cosplaying as Big Boss Man


A fan cosplaying as Big Boss Man was kicked out of SoFi Stadium on night two of WrestleMania when a security guard didn’t want to let him in for impersonating a police officer.

Decked in full Big Boss Man costume and a fake baton, Kevin Hunsperger recalled in a video on TikTok how fans and other people jumped to his defense when he was told he had to leave but the security didn’t want to hear any of it.

“Night one no problems at all, but night two a security guard got in my face just as we walked through the gates,” Hunsperger said. “And told me that because I had a patch from a sheriff’s department, which was from Georgia, on my sleeve, that I couldn’t come in.”

He removed his badge and was told he still couldn’t be in there.

“That wasn’t good enough,” he continued saying in his TikTok video. “The man stayed in my face and told me that I had to take the shirt off despite others: security guards, workers, fans telling him I was in cosplay, even had ‘Big Boss Man’ across my chest.”

Hunsperger was made to serve hard time by being forced back to his car, change in a regular t-shirt, and do the walk back to the stadium to enjoy the show.