Fan gets hit by car door after Lesnar throws it into the stands


Paramedics at the Allstate Arena attended to a WWE fan who got struck by the car door when Brock Lesnar threw it into the next post code during the segment with Seth Rollins.

Lesnar demolished the Cadillac with axes and then ripped off the back seat passenger door before throwing it away, not realizing that his own strength managed to land the door in the stands! A cell phone video which was shot from behind the fans in the first row got a good look at what happened and the kid got struck pretty hard. The two people next to him, instead of checking up on him, held up the piece of the door in excitement.

Despite not being seriously injured, WWE dispatched paramedics and the fan was brought backstage before being allowed to return to watch the show.

You can watch the video below. It might take a few replays to actually spot the kid getting nailed.