John Cena puts over Cesaro big time after Raw goes off the air


“Thank you Chicago. I mean that.” John Cena probably couldn’t believe his eyes and ears after his match against Cesaro on Raw last night as the always vocal Chicago crowd gave him a standing ovation and cheered for the United States champion.

After the show went off the air, Cena addressed the crowd and put over Chicago and thanked them for cheering him throughout his career. He then turned his attention to Cesaro and once again placed his stamp of approval for the Swiss super man. “What you can do in this ring is simply amazing,” Cena noted, as Cesaro watched from next to the wrecked car at the top of the entrance.

He said that even though The Beast destroyed the Cadillac, the word on everyone’s lips is Cesaro. He then invited Cesaro back in the ring as the fans chanted for him.

“I want you to take this with you because this is what keeps me going,” he said. “You are standing in hallowed ground among the rowdiest crowd in WWE Universe. Do you hear that? This is why we are here,” Cena added as the crowd roared.

Cena urged Cesaro to keep giving the fans what he gave them over the past two weeks because that’s what the fans love. After a handshake, Cena then moved to the side and let Cesaro take center ring as the crowd showed their approval.

You can see the whole 7 minute segment below.