Drake Maverick leaves for honeymoon…with 24/7 title!


Drake Maverick managed to walk out of Monday Night Raw as the new 24/7 champion, finally beating R-Truth.

Maverick was given an ultimatum by his new wife Renee Michelle, saying he had to choose between the title and herself. The two were at Raw prior to leaving for their honeymoon and Maverick told her that he would be taking care of things before they leave.

Maverick eventually pinned Truth while Michelle stepped away for a bit and when she returned, her husband told her they are now ready to go to the honeymoon now that he’s the champ!

The interactions between Truth and Maverick have been the highlight over the past couple of weeks as they continue to make the title more entertaining. Truth beat Maverick for the title during his actual wedding and Maverick’s wife later said that she wants a divorce due to her husband’s obsession with regaining the title.