Daniel Bryan says it’s a personal failure to not main event WrestleMania


Speaking to SFWeekly.com, former WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan said that not main eventing WrestleMania this year was his “own personal failure,” but thanked fans for sticking with him because he’s not someone that WWE sees and says “Hey, this should be the top guy.”

Bryan said that if people didn’t do what they did last year, he would not have been in the main event of WrestleMania XXX. “In my situation, where I’m no John Cena, I’m no Roman Reigns, and no Randy Orton I need that help,” Bryan said. The fact that fans are chanting his name during Roman Reigns promos has not escalated the tensions between the two and Bryan remarked that Roman and him get along really well and he’s a great human being.

When asked if he’s hesitant about participating in the ladder match after all the injuries he suffered last year, Bryan said he’s not, but he is a little nervous thinking about it.

“Coming back I didn’t know how strong my neck was. I can do all the tests. I can go in to the performance center in Orlando and take a couple bumps, my neck holds up. Then a match at the performance center, my neck holds up. OK, now let’s see a live event — it held up. You just keep going into deeper water testing how much it will hold up,” he said.

The former champ also talked about his recovery and the method he chose, a method which raised eyebrows about how effective it will be in the long run. He said he’s only had two treatments – two straight hours of “relatively painful stuff” – but his strength has held up ever since and the last time he saw the doctor was in November. Bryan said that if he will have problems again, he will go to Denver again to see the same doctor, basically ruling out the “Hail Mary” surgery that was initially suggested.