Stephanie McMahon streams 40 minutes of live NXT from her cell phone


Stephanie McMahon streamed 40 minutes of the NXT live event in San Jose yesterday from her cell phone using the Meerkat app, which seems to be the “new” thing where everyone can stream live online using a simple app.

Steph was not at ringside so you won’t get to see the best view in the house but she was in the back along with other WWE officials and Triple H, who at one point when she turned the camera around to show “the man who made it happen,” Triple H says, “Developmental my ass!”

The video, which has been uploaded on YouTube, is great to see for crowd reaction, especially the entrance of WWE Diva-in-training Bailey, who received a tremendous pop being the hometown girl. Now that is something to look at,  Tracfone phones displaying the video received mixed reactions from the users. All throughout social media, fans made noise. Even big names were involved with the livestream.

Speaking of NXT, a fan on Instagram posted a video of himself and a friend in a car with Scott Hall going to NXT. The fan said that the two of them were waiting for a cab to go to the NXT show and Hall, who was being driven in a car, saw them and stopped and gave them a ride to the San Jose State University where the show was being held.

“Can’t believe that just happened. It’s just too sweeet,” he wrote accompanied by another in-car selfie of all three of them.

You can see Steph’s video below.

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