Daniel Bryan looking less likely to wrestle at MITB pay-per-view


It looks like Daniel Bryan will not be WWE World Heavyweight champion for much longer as the recovery is not progressing as well as everyone hoped for and chances of him wrestling at the Money In The Bank pay-per-view are now almost zero.

Bryan is supposed to defend his title at the pay-per-view against Kane and if he will not be medically cleared, the title would be vacated and decided in the Money In The Bank ladder match which will eventually headline the show.

Rumors are that WWE is planning to add a second MITB ladder match which would be for the briefcase and the pay-per-view would end up having two ladder matches – one for the title and one for the briefcase.

The show will take place on June 29, and WWE will have a better picture regarding Bryan’s health and his chances of competing this week. The plug on his title reign might be pulled tonight on RAW if it’s made certain that he won’t be medically cleared, paving the way to start promoting the current ladder match – with only Del Rio so far announced – as the WWE World Heavyweight title match and put the groundwork on the second briefcase ladder match.