Jim Ross explains what led to his hospital stay


In his latest blog post, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross described what happened over the end of last week where he ended up being in hospital for a few days and eventually released on Saturday night.

Ross said that he was in Vegas for the Cauliflower Alley Club reunion and he doesn’t remember driving to the airport from his house or boarding the plane. He presented an award at the CAC but doesn’t remember of what he said either.

JR said he took a fall while at home a month ago but never mentioned it and assumed the memory loss came because of that. However after several tests and MRIs it was revealed that the primary culprit of his issues were the use of Ambien, a drug he took to combat insomnia.

“My meds have now been all adjusted and I am back on a healthy path of diet and exercise and, obviously, NO Ambien. The hallucinogenic issues with the drug are scary and I will never use that medication again,” Ross wrote.