Crazy fans at IZOD Center light up Monday Night RAW


Last year on the day after WrestleMania, the Miami crowd showed all the fans how to interact during a live RAW. This time around, New Jersey and the tons of International fans that made it to the show showed Miami that they do it better in New Jersey.

The fans inside the IZOD Center for RAW gave a Hall of Fame worthy performance, singing, dancing, chanting, and even doing the Mexican wave during the three hour RAW broadcast.

The pro-heel, anti-face crowd gave the usual faces a hard time and chanted for the bad guys. During the Sheamus vs Orton match, the crowd totally ignored the ring and created their own show, chanting “Michael Cole,” “Jerry,” “JBL,” “Justin Roberts,” “Austin,” “Chris Benoit,” “We want pretzels,” “Randy Savage,” “We are awesome,” and a bunch of other random names that had absolutely nothing to do with what was going on.

But the most amazing thing was the crowd was singing along to Fandango’s theme song almost all night long, dancing around and having a great time as the three hours of RAW flew by quickly.

It was one of those nights where the fans made the show seem more spectacular, helping Dolph Ziggler get one of the biggest pops he’ll ever receive in his entire life, and making Fandango a very, very, very happy man indeed.

After the show was over, fans still sang along to Fandango’s theme in the hallways of the IZOD Center and in the car parks as you can see from the video below.