Ziggler says thanks to the “marks” who made his night memorable


The new World Heavyweight champion Dolph Ziggler thanked the New Jersey crowd – filled with International flags from people across the world – with a message on Twitter, posting a meme which read “First 2014 HOF Inductee – New Jersey crowd.”

“I’ll induct,” wrote Ziggler, whose never ending chanting of his name as well as the massive pop he received transformed him into a mega superstar on television yesterday.

“Amazing time, amazing team @WWEAJLee @BigELangston ABOUT DAMN TIME,” he added, closing his tweet with a heel remark, “#thanksmarks.”

Big E offered his own congratulations on Twitter to the new champ saying, “Congratulations to the new World Heavyweight Champion @heelziggler. Best tag team partner/double dutcher/lasagna chef I’ve ever known.”

New Jersey’s own AJ Lee also congratulated Ziggler on his amazing night.

“Congratulations to my baby Ziggy @HEELZiggler. No one works harder or deserves it more. No one. I’m so happy right now.”