Cena thanks crowd for Ziggler moment after RAW goes off the air


After Monday Night RAW went off the air, John Cena addressed the crowd’s weird choice of singing Fandango’s theme song.

Cena said he heard a lot of chants – including for Michael Cole, Justin Roberts, and JBL – however he didn’t hear one for the camera man Disco Stu. So what did the fans do? Of course chant his name.

Cena said that from all the chants, he loved the “We Are Awesome” chants. He thanked the fans for making Dolph Ziggler’s moment of winning the World title special.

He said that when Rock debuted the new WWE title he said it was for the people. Cena said that he was right, because it’s the fans who create the Superstars and the fans create the atmosphere. He said a lot of dollars and a lot of vacation days were spent over this WrestleMania weekend and there was no better way that to prove that title belongs to the people, he was going to leave it to the fans. He threw the belt in the middle of the ring to a loud applause from the crowd.

Cena said that usually they end the night by playing somebody’s music but not tonight, because tonight, the fans are going to play the music. At that moment, the rowdy New Jersey crowd started singing Fandango’s theme as Cena danced his way all the way to backstage, bowing to the crowd before going to the back to a nice ovation from the fans.

You can see the full video of this below.