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Cain Velasquez interrupts Brock Lesnar’s title celebration on Smackdown


The Brock Lesnar title celebration was cut short as he was interrupted by his former rival Cain Velasquez, the UFC star who beat him for the UFC Heavyweight title at UFC 121 back on October 24, 2010, almost nine years to the day.

After Lesnar won the title in a very quick match, Rey Mysterio’s theme song kicked in and out came the former champ with Velasquez who was sporting a knee brace. The two walked down the ramp together and after some trash talking, Velasquez stepped into the ring to confront Lesnar who had the “oh shit” look on his face.

“Brock Lesnar has seen a ghost, and that ghost’s name is Cain Velasquez,” screamed Michael Cole on commentary. “I have never seen fear in the face of Brock Lesnar,” added Corey Graves.

As Lesnar tried to attack, Cain took him down and unloaded with punches as Lesnar covered his face. The new WWE champ eventually managed to get Cain off of him and escaped the ring. Lesnar teased going back in the ring a few more times but eventually opted not to as Smackdown went off the air with Velasquez and Mysterio standing tall in the ring.

The UFC 121 pay-per-view took place at the nearby Honda Center in Anaheim, California and drew over 1 million buys. Velasquez managed to win the title from Brock after a TKO in round one with 4:12 on the clock.