Bubba Ray Dudley challenges Harper and Rowan over new finishing move


During Monday Night Raw, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan – back together after their Wyatt Family days – showed off their new finisher which is similar to the move made famous by the Dudley Boyz, the 3D. Harper and Rowan call the move The Way.

Bully Ray wasn’t particularly impressed with the move and tweeted to WWE saying, “Dear @WWE, if ya wanted the DUDLEY DEATH DROP hit THE WAY it should be, ya should have had the BALLS to call us.”

Bubba Ray’s tag team partner Devon also chimed in, adding “Oh my brother……. Testify!!!!”

Luke Harper responded by telling both Bubba Ray and Devon that he and Rowan would enjoy showing both of them the way anytime, anywhere. In response, Ray said that he’ll wait if the brass who pull their strings has the balls to make it happen!

Dudley Boyz vs Harper and Rowan? Bring it on!