Broken Matt Hardy has been woken!


Ever since Matt Hardy, along with his brother Jeff, returned to WWE, the duo have rarely mentioned their broken characters that they left behind at Impact Wrestling. Apart from the occasional ‘Delete’ hand swing and the laugh, both have steered away from it mainly due to the legal complications over the gimmicks.

But on Monday Night Raw yesterday, Matt Hardy gave the best indication yet that the popular gimmick will be coming to WWE after all. Following his loss to Bray Wyatt, Hardy sat in the corner frustrated and started the delete hand gesture. “Are we seeing the beginning of a Matt Hardy breakdown?” wondered Michael Cole on commentary.

“YEEAAAASSSSSSSS! My dormant CONDISHTION has been #WOKEN,” Hardy tweeted, before adding, “My physical contact with Bray Wyatt on #RAW seems to have TRIGGERED & AWAKENED my PRIMAL PASSENGER.”

The Broken gimmick has been the center of a legal dispute between Anthem, the parent company of Impact, and Matt Hardy. Both claim that they own the gimmick, and both filed petitions with the USPTO for ownership. There have been rumors, and some confirmed reports from Anthem’s Ed Nordholm, that the two sides have been trying to reach an agreement that would see Hardy getting ownership of the gimmick against some kind of compensation.

It remains unclear if Hardy now owns the gimmick but considering what happened yesterday, it looks like Broken Matt Hardy is coming back!