Brock Lesnar talks with Jonathan Coachman about staying in the WWE


During an interview on ESPN hosted by former WWE personality Jonathan Coachman, Brock Lesnar said that the older he got, the wiser he became so the decision to completely forget MMA was not an overnight decision, but was a long process for him.

He told Coach that he weighed the pros and the cons but at the end of the day, on Monday night, “old Vince McMahon” put the offer on the table that he couldn’t refuse.

“That’s what it comes down to, business, and money, and health, and well-being. I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum. I’ve been in a bad position with my health, I’ve been in a bad position with my money, and now I’m in a great position with both,” Lesnar said, adding that he loves what he’s doing and that he’s happy.

“I work part time with full time pay, like everybody wants,” Lesnar smiled. “But you can’t have! It’s just me, so I’m happy!”

Coach told Lesnar that he seems at ease with the decision and asks him how much fun does he plan on having, especially Sunday night at WrestleMania.

“If you can’t watch me in the ring and not be entertained and not think that I’m not having any fun, there’s something definitely wrong,” Lesnar said.

He added that he loves being in the squared circle and always did, but he always hated the outside ambiance of everything else. He mentions the old saying in the wrestling business which goes, “It’s all fake but the money and the miles,” and he said the miles were not for him. “Me and the highway did not get along!”

You can watch the interview below.