Both MITB ladder matches are rumored to take place at the same time


There are some unconfirmed rumors that this year’s Money In The Bank ladder matches will take place at the same time, with both the men and women wrestling throughout WWE headquarters together in another movie-style experience.

That part of the pay-per-view has already been filmed last week, in a very tedious, all-day affair that involved WWE Superstars wrestling in some cold weather on top of the roof as a tower crane held the the two briefcases.

A tweet by Lacey Evans dissing Bayley also hinted at this type of match, with Evans writing, “I guess she had to fight through men and women to get to the top…NOPE!” The “fighting through men and women” wouldn’t usually be there if the matches were filmed separately.

This year, WWE opted to have six men and six women in the match, rather than the usual eight and if the matches were combined, it might explain why there were less Superstars than usual for this kind of match.

All the leaked images also showed both briefcases hanging at the same time rather than one, another hint that this might actually be how the match was filmed.