Best wrestling games for Android

Are you craving to play some wrestling games on your Android Smartphone? Bring back memories just like the good old days Playing Smackdown in Play Station 2.

Games like WWE, UFC is one of the peak in charts in the Entertainment industry. Many people worried that these games are limited to console players and PC gamers out there. But ever since the Smartphone industry boomed, the specifications provided with budget smartphones are more than enough to run the games listed out in this list with no lag.

So, here are the top 5 wrestling games for Android :

1. Wrestling Revolution 3D

The Wrestling Revolution 3D is one of the best wrestling games for android and most downloaded in the PlayStore with over 60 million downloads. This game is somewhat similar to WWE where you fight in the ring, the ability to go backstage to fight with your opponent. With over 20 characters, you can have all the fun you can imagine. There are inbuilt graphic customization features that will help you to optimize the game in case of any sort lags in your smartphone.

2. Wrestling Revolution

Wrestling Revolution 3D and this game are from the same developers. The only difference is that this game is completely 2D. This game literally takes you back to the good old days playing cassette games on your TV. This game is completely made in 16 Bit graphics and sounds which is beautiful. This game provides an option to make your own character, compete against the different characters and rank up in the charts.

3. MMA Fighting Clash

Get your own dynamic figure in the game and compete against different players in different weight classes. You get to play from all modes right from Quick fights to a long mission. With over 60 characters to play with, exploring and completing this game would definitely take some time. Not just that, the characters in this game can be customized with over 100 moves to make your character what you feel like. Go ahead and read more information about the latest multiplayer video games.

4. EA Sports UFC

Unlike any other games in this list, EA’s UFC game has live events that shuffle around the week/month where you can compete with your customized character and win exclusive rewards easily. This app also has a multiplayer option which allows you to play against different players on the internet. This app is also one of the best Wrestling games for Android in terms of Graphic quality and visuals.

The unfortunate truth about the games in this segment is that there are not many games with good graphics except for the last two games in this list which is WWE Mayhem and EA Sports UFC which has considerably good graphics compared to the other games in this list

5. WWE Mayhem

WWE Mayhem is a fast-paced game as we all know. This game allows you to play your favorite character from the real-life WWE right from John Cena to Randy Orton and many others. This game also brings in the different character modes such as Superstars, Brawler, Powerhouse ad more. Each character here carries different abilities, powers, and other elements to keep them different from others.


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