Both men and women MITB ladder matches to take place simultaneously


WWE announced on Smackdown that both the men and women Money In The Bank ladder matches will take place simultaneously, confirming the rumor that we published a few days ago.

This will be a first in WWE history that two different matches will happen at the same time and it’s the reason that ladder match competitors went down from eight to six each. Previous MITB ladder matches had eight participants but it’s a bit easier to manage 12 than 16 at the same time.

WWE filmed this match already at the WWE corporate headquarters, known as Titan Towers, last week and filming took a whole day to complete with several pauses in between to get different angles and shots. This match is said to be shot in a cinematic style, similar to the Gargano/Ciampa match on NXT a few weeks ago.

The matches will start at the ground floor of WWE HQ as everyone works their way up through the seven floors of building where a ring and ladders will welcome the Superstars on the roof. A big tower crane will be holding the two briefcases.

On a related note, The Fiend vs John Cena WrestleMania segment was also filmed at WWE headquarters.