Booker T and spinaroonies take over RAW after show goes off the air

Booker T Booker T

Fans at the Key Arena last night on RAW were given a 15 minute extra show after RAW went off their yesterday.

After Orton and Cena wrestled in the dark match, Cena invited Daniel Bryan out to talk with the fans. After Bryan, out came WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, who needed “a lil something something” from both Cena and Bryan.

Booker requested Bryan to do a Spinaroonie as fans chanted ‘Yes Yes Yes.’ Booker T showed Bryan how to do it and Bryan followed with a horrible version. Cena tried it and failed miserably as well, with Booker calling it the worst ever.

John Laurinaitis was then invited to the ring with fans chanting ‘No No No’ and the man formerly known as Johnny Ace tried the Spinaroonie, or a weird version of it. Titus O’Neil was then invited next and did kinda okay.

Then the fun started as Stephanie McMahon was – without a doubt – pushed outside the Gorilla position to a large ovation from the crowd after Booker T wanted her to try it. Nice rib, folks! McMahon didn’t want to do it and Booker showed her how and eventually she did it as the fans went crazy.

The last person invited was CM Punk who came out. “Don’t let me get back there and drag you out here son,” said Booker. Punk eventually came out in his underwear and did it and then went to hug Stephanie McMahon!

It’s a must see video and you can see it all below.