Seattle fans hijack final segment on RAW


The crowd in Seattle, Washington, hijacked the final segment of RAW last night, forcing Triple H to make several stops during his promo while fans went crazy chanting for Daniel Bryan.

Triple H was trying to sell the importance of this Sunday’s TLC match for the unified title but fans were more interested in chanting for Bryan, whose home state is Washington.

At first Triple H kept talking but eventually had to stop as fans made their voice even louder. Bryan just smiled and laughed in the background but then acknowledged them by raising his hand when they were chanting ‘Yes Yes Yes.’ The Superstars in the ring even had a chuckle at the apparent non-scripted situation and HBK tried to silence the crowd to no avail.

Randy Orton also got harassed during his promo as fans chanted ‘boring,’ ‘yes,’ and ‘you suck,’ while Cena went the smarter route and included Bryan in his promo, escaping the wrath of the fans.