Jericho and Owens get chokeslammed by The Undertaker after Raw goes off air


After Raw went off the air and Chris Jericho celebrated with the United States title along with his friend and Universal champion Kevin Owens, The Undertaker’s theme song hit the speakers and the “Dead Man” hit the ring one more time.

Jericho told Taker that the last time they were in the ring together, he beat him for the World Heavyweight championship. He said that since he’s been gone, Y2J “became the man around here” and told Taker to get out of their ring.

As the comedy between Jericho and Owens continued, Owens grabbed the microphone and with The Undertaker staring at both of them, he said, “I don’t know him well but it looks like you upset him. So maybe just…” and then he pushed Jericho straight into a chokeslam.

Owens then said, “I’m really sorry for him but…I’m thrilled to meet you sir,” and extended his hand for a handshake as the crowd laughed. The Undertaker didn’t feel like shaking hands and instead chokeslammed Owens as well.

You can see the video below.