Big mixed tag team match set for Hell In A Cell 2018


A mixed tag team match becomes the first match officially announced for the next WWE pay-per-view Hell In A Cell.

The match will feature The Miz and his wife Maryse taking on Daniel Bryan and his wife Brie Bella. It was set up during Smackdown today after The Miz came out to mock Bryan’s retirement speech and said that he’s also retiring…from wrestling Daniel Bryan ever again.

Calling him a coward multiple times, Bryan said that everyone will find out eventually that The Miz just cosplays as a wrestler when in fact he’s just a wannabe Hollywood star.

Maryse suggested to Bryan that he should change his name to “Daniel Bella” and that prompted Brie to run out to the ring and punch The Miz. Bryan then revealed that Smackdown GM Paige granted him the mixed tag match for Hell In A Cell.