Big Cass in trouble after going off script on Smackdown last week


Ryan Satin of is reporting that Big Cass is in the dog house after he went off script during the Smackdown segment last week which involved a little person playing the role of a mini Daniel Bryan.

Satin says that the original scenario called for Cass to hit the big boot and leave it at that. Cass wanted to take things a little further by delivering some punches and the idea was shot down by producers. He then went to Vince McMahon directly to present his pitch but McMahon also said no.

But the in-ring segment took a different turn and Cass still went ahead and beat up the little guy after delivering the boot to the face. The reaction backstage was as you would expect and they were not happy at all that he decided to take matters in his own hands and go against a direct order.

Cass was not used on Smackdown this week which may or may be not a reaction to his actions.