Banks discusses how she and Bayley annoyed Vince every week for Women’s Tag Team titles


In an interview with Sky Sports in the United Kingdom, Sasha Banks detailed the great lengths she and Bayley went to get the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles created. Their secret? Constantly annoying the boss, Vince McMahon.

“It felt like the whole of last year we were asking, like we would be knocking on the door of Vince’s office every week,” she told Sky Sports.

Banks said that Vince changed his mind very often, with sometimes turning down the idea quick, and sometimes telling them yes, until one fine day the titles were actually there.

“So that just proves that you should never give up on your dreams. If you’re annoying enough you can make things happen and that’s probably what happened, he just got annoyed with us. I hope he understands how important this is to us and we’re going to make it really special,” Banks continued.

The multi-time Raw Women’s champion said that Vince is like that every week as in you never know in what mood he will be in and all you have to do is keep on trying and trying.