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Austin Theory threatens to “smack the shit” out of Australian journalist


Austin Theory got in a heated argument with an Australian journalist after the journalist kept disrespecting Theory saying that it’s all fake.

“I mean it’s fake. Like you’re not actually hitting each other,” Western Australia sports editor Anthony De Ceglie told Theory as cameras surrounded them.

Theory didn’t appreciate the comment and said that he was brought in here for media and was not going to accept being talked to like that.

“Just cause you’re in charge of some shit here man it doesn’t mean you can talk to me like this,” Theory responded.

The journalist said he did not mean to offend him but Theory didn’t want to hear any of it.

“You couldn’t walk a damn day in my shoes,” Theory said to the claim that his job is easy. “You got me in here dude, are you kidding me man? I’ll smack the shit out of you right now.”

Theory continued, “I’m not playing around. You bring me all the way here for some media man. This guy’s talking his f*cking head off man!”

At that point others had to intervene and Theory walked out of the interview.

Meanwhile, Grayson Waller, who several weeks ago also went through something like this in Australia when he was doing media with LA Knight, wrote on X, “Might need to organise a Tag Match soon…A Town Down Under vs Dumb Aussie ‘journos,'” he wrote.

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