All three Raw announcers back to work on Monday!


The injury angle from the Raw after Mania where all three announcers were destroyed by Brock Lesnar will be over by next week’s show as it was announced on WWE.COM that all three will be returning behind the broadcast booth on Monday.

To play up the angle, the story said that Michael Cole was diagnosed with a bulging disc and severe neck, back, and shoulder pain. JBL had an abdominal wall tear and Booker T has contusions and soreness. All three, in reality, were fine and the only real damage was to Byron Saxton who didn’t fare well on commentary on his own.

Meanwhile, someone very funny updated Michael Cole’s Wikipedia entry, adding a “death” section. First, the cause of death was written as “ground shaking F5” and Lesnar had “yet to be charged in the court of law” but he was “suspended for his actions.” Then the Wikipedia entry was altered saying that he died of “anal bleeding!” Whoops!