A string of bad decisions led to the firing of Big Cass


Ryan Satin of ProWrestlingSheet.com is reporting that a string of bad decisions have led to the firing of Big Cass from WWE this week.

Satin said that problems really picked up at the European tour a week after Big Cass went off script and beat up a little person on Smackdown. At the Euro tour, there was one particular incident where Cass got locked the bathroom of their tour bus after the lock got broken. Cass, thinking it was a joke, destroyed the door from the inside, leaving the rest of his fellow Superstars to use the bathroom with no door for privacy.

Sports Illustrated also adds that Big Cass got drunk during the tour and made a scene in public, and combined with his bad attitude backstage, it was a cocktail for disaster.

Rumors are that the decision to fire Big Cass was taken on Tuesday by Vince McMahon when everyone got to the arena for Smackdown.