Collision TV report for 06/30/2024

Venue: KeyBank Center, Buffalo, NY


Tony Schiavone lost his voice Weds, so Excalibur joined Nigel.

Orange Cassidy & Tomohiro Ishii vs Shane Haste & Robbie Eagles

Backstory: NONE

Ishii’s theme’s a banger when it gets going.  No response for the heels.  Nigel put over Zack as the best technical wrestler, noting that he beat Danielson last they met.

Very quiet as we got started, Orange and Haste.  Cassidy grabbing a headlock, trying a shoulder block, not smart, Haste much bigger.  He tried again.  No better.  Orange rolled under a lariat to tag Ishii.

Who tried the same tactic of crashing into Haste.  This more of a stalemate until a Haste kick to the gut, Orange wandered in to surprise him and the faces took out both heels, double shoulder block to Haste.

Tag to Orange, Haste fled to avoid an attack from the top, Orange climbed down to face a tagged-in Eagles.  And things sped up, ducks and dodges, counters, armdrags, Eagles step-up tejeiras, back to an exchange of armdrags until Orange faked him out and Eagles crashed.

Orange went for the pockets, luring Eagles in to a crucifix pin for two.  Then Flair flipped to the apron to introduce Eagles’ noggin to the buckle.  Eagles stumbling around and attracting Aubrey so Haste could trip Cassidy before Haste absolutely blasted Orange with a tope con hiro.

Ads.  It genuinely sounds like there are barely a few hundred people here.

Cassidy being stomped down 2:1 as we returned, tag cut off more than once till finally Ishii got it: shoulder to Haste, forearm for Eagles then a shoulder for him too, he fired up, ducked a Haste swing, saito suplex for two.

Orange back in, they took turns with chops – Ishii laying them in, Orange starting light but gradually upping the contact, Ishii suplex, Orange lazy elbow from the top for two.  Pad down, Punch ducked, Haste falcon arrow before tagging out.

Thrust kick and enziguri from Eagles, suplex countered into stundog, Eagles blocked a tornado ddt into a slam to bag two.  Ishii took out Haste via lariat.  Eagles slipped behind to bag two then began working the leg until being kicked away into the corner and stumbling out into Beach Break.

Okay action but zero atmosphere.

Winner: Orange Cassidy & Tomohiro Ishii

Hangman package.  Black and white, him walking through the same places Swerve went through in his house during the home invasion, drinking heavily, sitting alone in an empty room, the Bucks’ suspending him played at the end.  Short.


Learning Tree arrived.  Jericho doing his awful overacting and boring stats and advice.  He called one woman ‘guys,’ several times.  He advised the others to steal wrist tape so they didn’t have to pay, Keith waited behind and did.

Lady Frost vs Stephanie Vaquer

Backstory: NONE

Excalibur explained these two have faced before and know each other.  Probably why Frost was chosen here.  After they came out, Mercedes’ music played and she joined.  She may even have got less of a pop than Vaquer, who didn’t exactly get a raucous response.

They eyed, Stephanie looked distracted by Mone being at ringside.  There were very light ‘CEO’ chants before the match started.  Vaquer took Frost down, rolling and flipping through to counter an arm wringer, armdrag, legdive takedown into a crossface.

They showed Mercedes saying ‘I will never tap out.’

Vaquer to the apron, Frost hit a pump kick, Vaquer landing right in front of Mercedes.  This is just weird: Mone’s sat at the bottom of the ramp in a computer chair, talking and encouraging Frost.  Almost like a queen observing entertainment.  Not very babyface.

Frost performed a handstand on the apron for no reason other than so Stephanie could kick her in the face via thrust kick.


Vaquer legscissors before driving Frost’s face to the mat.  She tried her package backbreaker, Frost slipped behind and hit a lariat.  Mercedes danced in place.  Round kick to the back of the head, Vaquer down in the corner, Frost hit her handspring cannonball then headed upstairs.

Spinning cross body for two.  Mone yelled ‘Soften her up!’  Vaquer hit a jawbreaker, thrust kick, spinning Frost into a ddt, rollup for two.  Forearm in the corner, Frost hit back with a driving shoulder then kicked Vaquer away before cartwheeling into a dropkick.

A headbutt flurry left Frost down in the corner, then she hit her dragon screw in the ropes before eyeing Mone and landing her package backbreaker finish.

The usual perplexing AEW booking.  Get someone over or ‘good match’?  This was neither in the end.  Stephanie selling a lot for a wrestler who never wins in a slow, stop/start match with no atmosphere.

Winner: Stephanie Vaquer

Mercedes entered the ring, holding her belt high.  Vaquer circled, some more ‘CEO’ chants this time but still not many.  Stephanie left.  Mone flew to her home and whupped her and now she backs down here?  If she’s losing at FD, she’s been made to look very weak.

She smiled as Zeuxis attacked Mone from behind but took a backstabber.  Vaquer entered and nailed a thrust kick and then her finish again.  Very good selling from Mone.  Stephanie posed with both belts, eyeing and kissing the NJPW title.

That’s a bit more like it.


Lucha Bros and Abrahantes with Lexy.

They promised something special at FD from Death Triangle but were interrupted by LIJ.  LIJ challenged them to a six-man.  The Bro’s said Pac was focused on the Owen but that they’d team for the first time with Mistico.

It’s indicative of how AEW see the Bros that this was added so late, let alone not making the main card.  Personally more interested in that team than a few of the main card matches.

Also fairly sure they already did a graphic for the team earlier.

Hiromu, I think it is, was very entertaining almost hyperventilating in shock, then getting excited at the idea of facing Mistico.

Serena Deeb vs Kelly Madan

Backstory: NONE

Serena, wrestling here because she’s on a losing streak, came down smiling broadly and gave her banner to a fan in a Tiger Mask mask.

Probably because she knew she was going to win immediately via Deebtox.

Winner: Serena Deeb

She took a mic.

‘Where the best wrestle’ and blah blah.  She asked for someone who was on her level.

Riho’s music played and she got easily the biggest pop so far.  Easily.  They went face to face, few chants for each, Serena smiled and left.  To boos.  Fans wanting to see the match now.

Riho seems to be divisive among fans.  But it’s weird how little she’s used when she gets reactions that dwarf Mercedes Mone’s.


More Learning Tree.

Jericho waited outside the bathroom and asked someone whether they’d washed their hands.

After ads, we came back to more.  Jericho explained the structure of the arena and when Zambonis were invented.  The trio then wandered into a cupboard.  Amazingly, Hook, Joe and Shibata had known all night that Jericho was going to be encouraged by Brian Keith to check on the Zamboni and wander into said cupboard.

They all brawled to the ring, heels getting their asses whupped.  Keith of course unable to use his arm.  A strange setup for the third member of the heel side to show up.  Almost a babyface setup.

Jeff Cobb came out and nailed Shibata and Hook with suplexes.  He and Joe were left standing, locked eyes, chants of ‘meat’ before Cobb spinebustered Joe to the mat.  Which got a big response and chants of ‘holy S.’

Excalibur noted Jericho had hired Cobb in the past.  The heels posed over the faces.


Zack/Orange package.

Zack said he’s usually condescending and sarcastic but has quite a lot of respect for Cassidy.  Who’s one of AEW’s top names so it makes a statement when he taps out.  And Zack will be confirmed as not just the best technical wrestler but the best wrestler in the world.

Nice stuff.  Believable.

Orange with Lexy in response.  He interrupted her and said his world is falling apart.  And tomorrow has to face the best technical wrestler in the world.  Orange was getting worked up that Zack hadn’t come out to watch his match and give him respect.

Sabre interrupted.  He said of course he respects him.  That’s the entire reason he challenged him.  But he didn’t need to watch, he knows all of Cassidy’s tricks, he has counters for every one, ‘you’re out of ideas darlin.’

He’s waited a year to beat him.  Orange said well then he’s waited a year for Orange to pin him with ‘my hands in my pockets.’  Cassidy got really pissed and grabbed Zack by his tee.  Sabre told Lexy it was all good, ‘I’ve already won.’

And left.  Orange looked like he knew Zack was right.

This was tremendous.  It fit the story of their wrestling so far, where Zack did indeed counter everything.  And showed Orange’s mind state.  He’s usually unflappable.

Hechicero vs Kevin Blackwood

Backstory: NONE

Hechicero won quickly and convincingly via tap.  Closer to what Vaquer’s win should have been.

Winner: Hechicero

Lexy with the Patriarchy.

Cage called himself the uncrowned world champion.  He asked Wayne how many trios titles there were – ‘nine titles’ (what a joke, there shouldn’t be that many in the damn promotion).  Cage said all that gold would be nice and called themselves the coming champs.

BCG with Jay White interrupted.

He asked Cage if he’d apologized to his family for letting them down by quitting.  Noting that Cage is trying to rebuild himself ‘in the eyes of your new wife and dinosaur’ (how he kept a straight face for that…).

‘Though it can be quite hard to tell the two apart.’  Killswitch got angry.  ‘That must be the wife I see,’ noted White.  Fans laughed.  ‘And don’t get me started on the boy… it’s a real shame the mother had to drink so heavily during the pregnancy…’

Fans oohed.

He said Cage is trying to use him as the spark to reignite his career.  But the Switchblade Spotlight is too bright even for him.  Ending with ‘Gunns up.’  Patriarchy were silenced but furious.

Jay White is such a ridiculously good talker.  You watch things like this and how he’s been used is unfathomable.  He even tilted babyface here without changing, pandering or losing his edge.

Daniel Garcia vs the Butcher

Backstory: NONE

Get the baby oil and dollar bills out; Dancin’ Daniel’s here.  This is the ‘Battle of Buffalo.’  And something that would be a very good idea.  For a house show.  Menard’s on comms btw.

Butcher backed Garcia to the corner.  Then to another corner where he hit a couple strikes before Garcia hit back with shots and a dropkick to the knee.  Butcher shook him off and flung him outside.

Where Garcia sat him on a chair and aimed a running dropkick.  Menard warned against a second as Garcia ran into a belly to back on the barricade.  The way Menard constantly warns Garcia against doing dumb stuff that he does anyway and which backfires is very strange (Nigel picked up on this later in the match – ‘Does he have to avoid that?  And that?  Probably should go down to ringside and tell him what else he’s doing wrong’).


We came back to ‘this is awesome!’  Now officially meaningless as a chant.  Butcher hit a shot, slipped behind, half nelson backbreaker, big lariat for two.  Corner charge from Butcher.  Garcia fired up, pair of brushing boots which barely connected, twisting neckbreaker, Butcher down.

He raked at Butcher’s face and eyes in the corner as a weak ‘Danny’ chant played.  Butcher shook off lariats and hit a boot but was taken down with another clothesline.  And just about hit a sort-of piledriver to win.  Think it was meant to be that new finish?

He did his stupid dance atop the barricade.  Then helped Butcher up and they left together.  No doubt this will be ‘the single greatest victory in AEW history’ or something when they tell us about it on Wednesday.

Winner: Daniel Garcia

Lexy with Ospreay.  She asked if things were personal.  Ospreay said ‘a little bit, yeah.’  But he can wait twenty-four hours before caving Swerve’s head in.  Don Callis interrupted with the whole Fam, saying it’d be just like when he helped him beat Kenny.

Ospreay cut him off and said he wanted to do it by himself.  But asked Fletcher to come with him later since Swerve was bringing his boys.  Don told them to ‘go have fun.’  They dapped and left.  The other Fam weren’t happy.  Callis said everything was great in an overcompensating way which told you it wasn’t.

Is this the first time they’ve followed up on the Ospreay/Fletcher/Callis thing since the post-Dynasty Dynamite?

An arm then grabbed Callis from behind.  It was Rush.


Brodie Lee package voiced over by his kids.  Pushing his new Reeboks.  Profits of which go to Brodie’s legacy of ‘kindness, compassion and community.’

Damn, that’s sad.  Nice, but sad.


Jack Perry now with Lexy.

He got a decent number of boos.  Then cut her off and said he never agreed to be part of tonight’s six-man.  He said the only people he’ll team with are the Elite, flashing the sign.  He promised tomorrow to win the title.

Chris Daniels came in and said if he didn’t wrestle tonight, he wouldn’t be wrestling tomorrow.  But left the decision to him.  Language of Choice: decent parenting there from CD.  Who was better than usual, a bit calmer.

Perry looked torn.

As Weds, some CM Punk chants which were booed down.

Deona Purrazzo vs Hikaru Shida

Backstory: Winner advances to face May/Saraya in the Owen

Nigel noted he’d sent flowers, chocs and a card to Mariah May.  Excalibur asked if he’d had any response.  He hadn’t.  Excalibur’s been good this week.

Chants for Shida as they locked up, she working the arm, Deonna countering, Shida rolling through into a hammerlock, Deonna headlock takeover, Shida headscissors, break.  Smooth.

Back to grappling over controlling the arm, Deonna forcing Shida to the corner then aiming a cheap shot.  She slid under Shida, they crashed shoulders, neither budged.  Yay/boo forearms.  At least theoretically.

Shida nailed an enziguri, ten in the corner, Deonna dumped outside, cross body from the middle rope.  Deonna rolled to avoid a knee strike then hit a pump kick.  Y’all know why:


Back to Shida forearms, speeding up with each, Deonna to her knees, running knee strike, lariat, another, two more knee strikes saw a two count.  Shida yelling in frustration.  Deonna blocked a falcon arrow, sweeping behind into a Russian legsweep.

Shida avoided the armbar, Deonna ducked a kick then snatched a lariat into the Fujiwara.  Very slow sequence.  Shida got the ropes with her leg.  Then just about hit an enziguri from the top rope and a falcon arrow, which Deonna no sold as each got twos via cradle before Shida rolled through and up to nail a Katana to win.

Wow, Purrazzo didn’t get much there.  Not a great match.  Lacked crispness and intensity.

Deonna hit Shida from behind and was going to go after her arm when Thunder Rosa made the save.  She and Shida hugged.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Another sappy Jarrett package.

Seems I’m the only person on the planet who didn’t think last week’s was just awesome.  ‘I dont deny it, matter fact I stand by it.’

Now the story is the Elite sending someone after him, about a month after he was one of their paid lackeys.  It’s like Scrooge or It’s a Wonderful Life’s resolution being in the second scene, the main character just changing without reason.

Now including total dick heels his wife, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh putting him over.  As sentimental babyfaces.

Fuck him up, Hangman/Okada, fuck him up.


To Toni Storm, stood barefoot on broken glass.  She said a lot of very weird stuff, almost like a poem, calling herself the ‘champion of exiles’ and talking about getting rid of devils.  Ending with ‘I lift my title inside this Forbidden Door,’ as she did so.

Performed well as usual.

Mark Briscoe, Dante Martin & Lio Rush vs Jack Perry, Konosuke Takeshita & El Phantasmo

Backstory: Heels vs Faces in the upcoming TNT title six-man

Even Mark Briscoe didn’t get that much of a pop so perhaps this is badly mic’d or just a bad crowd?  Though he did get one of the better ones tonight.  Rush came out last for the faces.  Callis joins on comms.

Another reason Takeshita probably isn’t winning tomorrow is he’s due for the G1.  Perry out last for the heels, he brushed right past his partners, totally ignoring them.  A man who knows his character.

Callis said he likes Perry and believing in yourself is a big part of being a top guy.  He’ll start vs Rush.  Maybe not, he tagged Take.  As Callis pointed out the Japanese towering over Lio.  Things got fast, fast.  Rush boot up in the corner, cross body caught into an intended wheelbarrow German, Rush slipping out but running into a big boot.

Shots from the mount before tagging El-P by slapping him on the chest.  Nice quick sequence ending with a Rush dropkick, all babyfaces tagged in, Dante flung Rush into Phantasmo, Briscoe followed up, double dropkick from Dante and Rush before Briscoe forced El-P to the babyface corner.

Rush back in, snap suplex for barely two.  Phantasmo tried to muscle Rush back toward a tag but Rush took him down and tagged Dante.  Quick Rush tag back in, the faces flung Phantasmo to the corner, he ducked and dodged, nearly getting the tag but continually cut off.  Quite strange booking.

Then flung Rush into Dante and dived for the tag.  And Jack Perry dropped off the apron.  That’s tremendous.  What a dick.


El-P and Take bickered a bit, Dante slipped behind, double rana, Briscoe in, kung fu for both heels as fans chanted, Take nailed via enziguri, El-P left to take chops to the corner, running lariat, fisherman buster, Perry broke the pin then fled right back out.

But weirdly slapped hands with a fan in the front row.  As El-P avoided a Jay Driller and nailed a thrust kick.  Rush in, thrust kick to El-P, Take knocked off the apron before a bullet tope.  Phantasmo though won the game of anything you can do… as he hit a tope to leave Rush down at ringside.

Until being nailed by Dante who almost overshot, holding his elbow afterward.  Perry is still chilling near the barricade.  Phantasmo flung back in, Rush and Dante atop the buckle, frogsplash after frogsplash, legs hooked, Perry in again to break it.

But finally being caught and dumped outside by Briscoe.  Then ducking the apron blockbuster, Briscoe going splat.  Take in to mow down the other faces inside, Rush tried to scoot through the legs and was hauled up via deadlift German.  Dante though landed on his feet out of another, sprung to meet Take up top, managing to counter a powerbomb via rana.

But being shoved off by Perry.  Who he then nailed via enziguri, allowing him to be snatched into a blue thunder and Powerdrive Knee as Takeshita actually beat somebody!  But was nailed from behind by Perry with the belt, Perry sent packing via El-P thrust kick.  He then grabbed the belt but was sent packing by Rush.  Until he and Dante each snatched an end of the belt.

Ending when Briscoe smacked them both with a ladder which he setup, climbed and posed atop with the belt.  Tossing the title among the others at ringside, ‘distracting’ them long enough to leap off onto them.  Guess it’s giving a taste of the ladder.  Not really needed though.

The best build they’ve done for this match.  Easily.

Some good storytelling: Perry’s a heel among heels and won’t be told what to do, doing the bare minimum here to allow him to be in the TNT title match.  And Dante and Rush worked well together.  Until being tested by the belt.  Which was the theme, everyone’s out for themselves and the gold when it comes to it.

And best action tonight.  Also easily.

Winner: Jack Perry, Konosuke Takeshita & El Phantasmo

Nana MC’d the weigh-in.  Ospreay out, he handed his title to Fletcher then stripped to his boxers and right onto the scale: 220lbs.  Nana introduced Swerve, impartially giving both similar hype.

Strickland brought a bunch of boys with him, including Westside Gunn.  Mean mug on.  An average viewer would definitely see him as the heel.  Strickland weighed in at 230.

If that’s a shoot, wouldn’t have pegged the champ weighing more.  They went face to face as the announcers said Ospreay probably had the endurance advantage.  They posed for pics.  Then Nana asked if Ospreay had final words.

An angry Will did: ‘Twenty-four hours you’ve got, until I knock those dirty-arse grills out ya mouth son!’  Before a new era starts with the belt wrestler in the world.  Swerve’s about to find out why he’s on another level.

An impatient Swerve grabbed the mic to say the pressure’s on Ospreay.  He’s been there; Will hasn’t.  He’s on another level.  He comes out like a businessman; Will looks like a bum.  He handles his business like a champion.  He again mentioned offering Ospreay’s wife a contract and they had to be separated.

Ospreay feigned being calm then exploded to launch a Hidden Blade, champ laying, Ospreay posed over him with both belts.  Strong way to end.  Strickland again leaning heel by implying wrestling isn’t his #1 priority.


Next Dynamite (Beach Break):

  • Danielson/Shingo vs Pac (Owen SF)
  • Willow vs Statlander (Owen SF)
  • Jeff Jarrett vs Wild Card (Owen QF)
  • Ospreay vs Garcia (International & possibly AEW title)

Thumbs Up/Down

  • Orange/Zack face off
  • Jay White’s promo
  • Six-man
  • Weigh-in


  • Strange approach, almost nothing advertised, including a final world title segment not advertised ahead of time, surrounded by mostly non-event matches
  • Bunch of obvious finishes
  • Lack of atmosphere made it hard for anyone or thing to seem hot



Appreciate you reading.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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