Collision TV report for 06/07/2024

Happy 4th to all y’all in the US.

Venue: Landers Center, Southaven, Miss.


We opened with a recap of the entire MJF/Garcia story Wednesday.  And a bloody Menard ranting.  Otherwise, a good way to make sure everyone’s all caught up.

MJF to start, as promised.  Back to the suit and scarf.  A black one.  Some boos.  Some chants.  He cheap-heated on the crowd, chants of ‘You suck!’  The basest cheap heat.  He called Garcia a pawn.  And laughed at the idea of him giving Garcia a match at All In.  Max was always going to stab him in the back and break his scrawny neck.

He called Garcia a ‘Make a Wish kid at best’ (have actually heard fans calling dude ‘Tony’s Make a Wish kid’).  And he’s not going to make it to All In.  Or wrestle again.  But Max is here to talk to us (he pointed at the camera).  Then rolled film from last August talking about rejection sensitive disorder.  And again with the kids who threw quarters.  And it being easy to be a scumbag but tough to be a good guy.

Back to the arena: Max said he opened up to us and told us it would tear his heart out if we turned our backs on him and we didn’t give a damn.  He did everything for us, let in Cole, broke his body… and we repaid him by chanting ‘Thank you Joe’ at the Dynamite after Joe beat him for the title.

We did?

Then we discarded him for Swerve, Okada and ‘worst of all,’ Will Ospreay.  What he did to Garcia was personal between Max and us, not Max and Garcia.  He’s going to take away everything we love in this company.  We’ve ruined the company he built from the ground up.  But he’ll fix it and the only way is with him on top.

We want Will Ospreay because we’re too delusional to realize he can’t help the company like Max can.  Will doesn’t care about ticket sales, he only cares about good matches, the only ratings Ospreay cares about are from Meltzer, the only ones Max cares about are from Nielsen.

The crowd became silent here.

He asked Ospreay, why don’t they ‘do a number’ right now.  He asked Will to come out so he could sacrifice him like a ‘billy goat.’  Music started, big pop.  Schiavone said Max knows Ospreay’s not here.  Max said he’s not here because he’s a fickle coward just like us (he said this right in the camera).

Then started to do his catchphrase. People started joining in, he yelled that we had our chance.  Then finished his usual line with ‘…and you can thank me later.’

Sucked.  Sucked.  Sucked.  Figured a heel turn might snap Max out of it, but nope.  Insider this, insider that – Meltzer, ratings…  And it was all the fans rejecting him.  Like 97% of heel turns these days.  Whether it fits the story or not.


Lexy with the Conglomeration.  Kyle said he and Orange were bummed out.  Mark said he wasn’t.  The word of the day is ‘epiphany,’ because losses are necessary ‘pitstop(s) to the top.’  They’re in a historical wrestling city and are about to dole out a historical asswhooping to the Iron Savages.  He left, Kyle was cheered up, Orange said ‘I don’t care.’  Crowd laughed for some reason.

Conglomeration vs Iron Savages

Backstory: NONE

The Conglomeration are the three above.  AEW as usual gave Jacked Jameson precious mic time.  And did the same for Roderick Strong, who joined on comms.

Briscoe ran through the heels, Kyle took a swig of a drink and they fired up, shoving e/o.  The heels took back over, doubling and tripling on Kyle, senton got two.


Orange is sulking on the apron, Briscoe looking for the tag, which Kyle made.  Chops and strikes to the heels, kung fu, discus forearm, crowd up for Briscoe.  Until being cut off by a boot to the gut but knocking Jameson off the apron then trying to tag Orange who finally took his sunglasses off and tagged.

Right to a tope, to the top, cross body, tornado ddt, kip-up, Punch countered into a bearhug by Bronson.  Knees to the gut, crowd quieting again with the heels on top.  Orange countered a suplex with stundog, Briscoe used the big guy to spring into a dive, Kyle hit a knee from the apron, Briscoe a blockbuster, Punch coming inside, hit, win.

Good quick win for the faces.  Who could be a fun team.  Schiavone’s started the show well, perhaps the rest last week did him good.

Winner: Conglomeration

Jack Perry pre-record.  He said he was the first challenger to the first ever TNT champ.  But wasn’t ready then.  Talked about sacrifice etc.  He wants to give someone else the chance, but if they don’t take it, he’ll sacrifice them.

Fairly loud ‘CM Punk’ chants could be heard, brief as this was.  Sure would be nice if some heel champs hid behind the belt once in a while.


Recap of the AEW title match from FD.


Lexy then brought in Hangman.  Mostly boos.  Not a massive reaction.  She asked ‘Why now?’  Page said, ‘Convenience, not mine, theirs…’  It didn’t matter what was going on with him or his family, once ‘they’ needed him, they brought him back.

Then moved on to why he was really back:

‘He knows why I am here.  I am going to burn through the rest of this tournament, go to Wembley and right a wrong that should have been righted a long time ago.’  If it takes his last breath he’ll right that wrong.  ‘I will burn his world to the ground!’

He was insanely fired up during this.  Red in the face.

Lexy asked about Jay White, who he’s never beaten.  Page’s eyes bugged and he left.

So he’s sympathetic because the Elite are using him while at the same time he’s a fanatical nutjob going after the babyface world champ?

Toni Storm vs Trish Adora

Backstory: NONE

They clashed shoulders several times till Adora knocked the champ on her ass.  No clips or anything of Mariah May advancing to the final of the tournament.

Adora put Storm in a hold like a shoulder breaker without the drop.  Then sat on her spine while holding her arms out.  Then rolled through into a cradle for two.  Storm hit back with a hip attack off the apron, then asked for a standing ovation over a house mic which didn’t work.


Storm got two via northern lights then went for Storm Zero but Adora hit a Bossman slam into a backbreaker.  Yay/boo exchange into Storm’s why I oughta punch which Adora ducked into her low German for two.  Adora missed a corner attack, Storm had moved ages ago, Storm hit an attack of her own and got two via ddt.

Another forearm exchange, Adora hit a pump kick but Storm shrugged it off to duck a lariat and win via Storm Zero.  Solid, nothing more.

May ran to give Storm a big hug.

Winner: Toni Storm

Willow/Mariah package for Wednesday.  Willow sees Mariah where she was this time last year.  Looking to make a name for herself via the Owen.  May said she wants to win the title in front of her friends and fam.

Glad they did this.  It’s probably the two best up-and-comers on the female roster going at it.  This match should mean something in its own right.  Let alone it being for a title shot.

It finished with May looking all sad and pointing to the sky – ‘Toni, this one’s for you.’  Fun stuff.


Patriarchy promo.  Jay White made things personal (oh boy, here comes yet another tournament match without a clean finish).

Cage said White being in the tournament is his exit strategy to get away from the other BCG.  He called Juice a child.  And made fun of the Gunns, though said Colten has promise but that’s for another day.

He said they’re going to take the trios belts and use them as a springboard to the AEW title.  And that fans are tired of seeing White tread water, they want to see the Switchblade they thought they were getting last year.

Someone was waiting in the dark.  Cage told him to come in.  It was Kip Sabian.  Whose dad has died or something.  Cage said at least he’s not around to see the disgrace he’s become, then told Killswitch to wallop Kip.  Which happened off cam.  If this were WWE, that dude’d be getting FE’d pretty soon.

If his dad really has just died, that’s exceptionally poor taste for such little payoff.

Jack Perry vs Marko Stunt (TNT Title)

Backstory: See earlier in show

So, you know that Jack Perry title challenge?  Yeah, that’s now.

Wow, I mean was expecting this to be a total loser who dragged down the belt.  But this is beneath even that.  Stunt came out to the old Jurassic Express music and got a nice pop.

Perry looked shocked but then walked forward and mocked Stunt’s size.  Stunt got a few moves but was mowed down via lariat.  Perry hit a bunch of chops then talked smack.  Stunt hit a slap and countered a powerbomb into a rana for two.  Then countered another into a codebreaker.

To the top, fans with him, this time Perry countered the rana back and nailed a running knee to win without hooking the legs.  ‘And still…’ oh, the drama.

Title shot just thrown out for anyone to grab with almost no hype + lower card wrestler we all know will lose answers = waste of time and title diminished.  .

Could have used the time to build an actual title feud.

Winner: Jack Perry

House of Black spooky promo.  No Buddy.  For them revenge isn’t a straight line.  It’s an inbalanced scale waiting to be tipped back into perfect balance, a shadow in the dark waiting to come back to the light.

Brody added that even though they feel nothing, Cage will feel everything.

Did you get the point?  Lots of stuff with big contrasts.  The purpose of it?  Who the hell knows.


Recap of BD/PAC and hyping the men’s final.

Claudio Castagnoli vs the Beast Mortos

Backstory: NONE

Began with a bunch of grappling, to the mat and back, fans stone silent.  Nigel again yammered about it being disgusting that Danielson won’t listen to his body and stop wrestling.  ‘No wonder he doesn’t want to wrestle me.’

Claudio hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and stomp.  But didn’t bother trying to win.  Mortos hit back with a corner attack and snap powerslam for one.  Knee pad down, Claudio moved and Mortos took out the cameraman.  Seemed to hurt his knee.

Crowd finally made some noise at this.  And at a spinning tornijo through the ropes.  Tejeiras back inside before Claudio moved and sent Mortos to the buckle.  Big belly to back out.  The Swiss still not interested in winning though.


Back to an exchange of rights and open hands, Mortos hit a spinning bulldog out of the corner then a crucifix bomb for two.  Then ran the buckle into a cross body.  Claudio hit back via uppercut, Mortos shook off a Neutralizer and hit a spear.

Crowd still silent outside of big moves.

Claudio got an elbow up then elevated Mortos outside.  Then ran out to hit an uppercut, then played to the crowd.  Who did react.  A light ‘swing’ chant began, the move cut off as Mortos rolled Claudio up for two.  Mortos hit a backbreaker off the shoulders for two.

Claudio caught him coming off the buckle with an uppercut then got the swing.  Fans reacted big.  But then died immediately, before an Axe Bomber won it.

A couple months ago an AEW fan called Claudio the personification of overly long, pointless ‘good matches.’  Yep.

Winner: Claudio

Lexy with Matt Menard.  He said he has a concussion.  Garcia’s home, he lost strength in the whole left side of his body but he will be making a full recovery.  Menard said there’s good news for Max because Garcia made Menard promise that Garcia would be the first guy to lay hands on Max.

Menard promised that when that happens, could be six months, ‘you’re not getting Dick- Dancing Danny Garcia,’ he pulled his shades off to emphasize the seriousness of the moment, ‘you’re getting Red Death.’

Fans murmured their support.  At yet another promise of Garcia becoming serious.


What I’m guessing is a Ricochet tease aired: a very short video with someone leaping through a portal.  But could be me massively reading into something.


Serena Deeb promo.  She said people still talk about her match with Riho in 2021.  But Deeb’s not the same wrestler she was then.

My god, how many times must we hear someone’s changed since last two wrestlers met.  A little creativity, please.

Lady Frost vs Riho

Backstory: NONE

Frost muscled Riho to the corner, standing switches, Frost knocked Riho down again, Riho bridged out of the pin, kipped up into an armdrag, Frost flipped free of a corner attack then hit a flipping neckbreaker for two.

Nice, athletic start.

Riho backed up to the corner, Frost started an attack, Riho moved three hours early then hit a 619.  To the top, cross body for two.


Back to Riho trying to fight out of a knee to the spine, shot to the gut, something went wrong and it looked like Frost hurt her shoulder on the landing.  Riho then just about made contact on a cross body to the outside.  She seemed to be asking Frost if she was okay.

She rolled Frost back in.  Riho seemed to have hurt her wrist on that cross body.  Frost avoided a stomp from the top, hit a spin kick then a chiller driller.  Riho kicked out.  Riho grabbed Frost’s leg to prevent her climbing the buckle.

Very weak forearm exchange before Frost flung Riho via throw.  To the top, she hit a beautiful moonsault for two.  Riho fought off Frost’s shoulders into a dragon suplex then a cradle with the legs captured to win.  Apparently that’s a new finish.

If you like to lose yourself in wrestling matches, this will not be for you.  Both seemed to have been hurt.  Riho was holding her wrist again after.  Hope they’re okay.

Winner: Riho

Lexy with Shane Taylor Promotions and Top Flight/Andretti.  ‘As we know, there’s a lot of history’ between the teams.  We do?

Taylor said they could have taken them out but didn’t.  Andretti said they’ll settle it next week on Rampage.  Dante said he beat Moriarty last time, Moriarty sort of got annoyed and challenged him.

The boxer guy said this wasn’t a playground, it was the ‘fight game.’

Was certainly a use of tv time.

Especially when there’s one of the biggest Collision main events in a long time up next.


Samoa Joe promo.  Hook trusted him to steer him free of parasites like Jericho.  He questioned how much faith Jericho had in people.  Namely in whether Jericho had faith they’d pull Joe off him when he was choking him to death.

‘I have faith that I’m going to massacre you.  Do you have enough faith in anybody, to hope that they stop me?’

An oasis in a sea of nothing.  Someone who just wants to kick someone’s ass.  Who thought through a very creative promo.  God I love Joe.

On the subject, Hook’s face being burnt off still isn’t a big deal booking wise: took nearly two hours to get to it, no updates.

Hangman Adam Page vs Switchblade Jay White

Backstory: Winner faces Danielson Weds in Final

White came heavy; Page alone.  This should feel so much bigger than it does.  Shown when the music quit and the fans were silent.  The announcer said the Bucks had ejected White’s lackeys.  Schiavone said this was the EVPs ‘stacking the deck’ in Page’s favor.  Is this the worst-thought-out storyline of all time?

Laughably nonsensical.

White yelled Page was always part of the Elite, Page didn’t like this much and rushed White to the corner.  Bell rang, Page knocked White down and stomped away, Jay fled outside and hit a cheap shot as Page followed.  Page shook it off with a big right and chucked White back in.

Hammering the back, chops to the chest, White hit back with a kick to the gut and rights until a single Page forearm knocked White on his ass.

White needed helping up, Page hit a fallaway to some reaction, mostly cheers.  Then his springboard lariat, though it seemed White countered as he rushed back in and fired chops in the corner until a Page boot knocked him right back down.

Already the best match tonight by a mile.  Fast and crisp. White went back out, hit the apron and Page this time landed the springboard lariat off the buckle, rushing White outside and introducing him to the barricade.  Fans definitely behind Page here.  ‘Cowboy shit’ chants before Page posed to a cheer.

So confused about both guys’ role.

Page slipped back in, blocking a Bladerunner, behind into a spinning sleeper before pouncing on a downed White with fists to the face.  As the announcers acted as if Page was the heel.  At least Schiavone did.


Back to Page covered in blood, White hit a dragon screw then a running back elbow in the corner, right into jabs and chops, stinging ones.  Until Page raked the eyes.

White reciprocated.  Then countered a whip, slipping under a lariat into a ddt for two.  Page fought off a uranage with his elbow, White got an elbow up to block a charge , slipped off Page’s shoulders, landed a big chop, Page hit a big right but ran into a flatliner then a deadlift German.  Killer sequence.

Fast, smooth and stiff.

To the apron, fight continuing, Page landed rights but ran into a trip, face first against the apron.  Fighting back up to drag White off before powerbombing him against the apron.

Fans wanted tables, Page flipped them off, fans laughed.  White crumpled as Page readied a Buckshot, forcing Page inside where White grabbed a cradle for two, Page slipping again to the apron, White rushing to close the gap, dragon screw against the ropes, Page hit back via a stiff powerbomb and stack, White out just before three.

(Loved White’s urgency in cutting off the lariat there, made things seem very real.)

Fans again chanted for tables.  Uninterested in a very good match.

White countered a Buckshot into a uranage for two, right into a sleeper, looking for the suplex, hitting, Bladerunner signalled, fought off into deadeye, White slipped out and was flung unto the ref.

Page realized the ref was down and slipped off his belt, choking White.  Then whipping his back.  Crowd reacted as big as they had all night.  Jeff Jarrett then came out To another big pop in his homestate.  And stole the belt.  White capitalized to hit a sleeper suplex.  Amid all this silliness, AEW reconfirmed their commitment to no-one ever beating anybody, as Christian Cage came in, hitting a spear to White.

Page following with a Buckshot to win.

This company’s booking is pathetic.  A weak tournament on paper made all the weaker by a total lack of decisive finishes.  We’re being taught that every time a big match happens, we won’t get one.  Diminishing very good wrestling.  It’s sad how little the crowd cared about two acts who should be among the top four or five in the company.

Winner: Hangman Adam Page


Next Dynamite:

  • Bryan Danielson vs Page (Men’s Final)
  • Willow vs May (Women’s Final)
  • Swerve returns
  • Joe vs Jericho (Stampede Streetfight)
  • Ospreay promo
  • Pac vs Ishii vs Fletcher vs Claudio

Next Collision:

  • Konosuke Takeshita vs Dynamite Kid

Thumbs Up/Down

  • Main event until the finish
  • MJF & Hangman give much better face/heel balance to roster and they’re setting up All In matches early
  • Joe promo


  • Said enough throughout, but to sum it up, the show opened with MJF promising to take away everything we love about AEW, so tonight gave him almost nothing to do, the company are doing it for him

Appreciate you reading.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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