Collision TV report for 06/15/2024

Venue: Covelli Center, Youngstown, Ohio


We opened with Christian Cage backstage, welcoming us to the anniversary of the show.  The anniversary of when he won the TNT title and went on an unprecedented run.

Blah blah ‘where the best wrestle.’  ‘Sprinkle in the usual unpredictability,’ he said with a straight face (good thing he’s a heel, that lie would kill any babyface) and on the eve of the most important holiday of the year, Father’s Day, he guaranteed ‘Christian Cage’s Collision’ would be ‘very special.’

BCC came out as Nigel said we’d gone from one of the best fathers of the year to some of the worst.  And Danielson had tried to be vegan ‘but couldn’t give up eating Brie.’  He hoped that line wouldn’t be misconstrued of course.  Tony called Cage either ‘delusional’ or a liar for saying he’d won the belt a year ago, since it was Luchasaurus.  Nigel quoted the great Homer (Simpson): ‘You can prove anything with facts.’

BCC vs TMDK, Rocky Romero & Lio Rush

Backstory: NONE

Danielson and Rush to start, which could be very fun.  They circled, each countered kicks, Rush did his usual misdirect ducking and dodging, reset.  Lockup, Danielson aimed a cheap kick, uppercuts in the ropes, Rush springboarded out into a rana, Danielson countered a cazadora, muscling Rush to the BCC corner to tag Yuta.

Who avoided Rush in the corner but took an enziguri, tag to Rocky, he and Yuta got to sluggin’.  Romero hit a heel kick, Yuta slipped back in through the ropes, drop step, German, tag to Claudio.  Nigel said Yuta needed to split from the BCC.

As Rocky countered a pop-up into a rana and TMDK both came in.  Nichols got two after an elbow drop before tagging Haste.  Claudio took out both via double bulldog, tag to BD, to the top, shotgun coming, hit, Haste back to the corner, running leg lariat, Haste no sold and followed him out via elbow strike.

But ran in again and was hooked into the LeBell.  The other six brawled to the outside, Haste finally got the ropes after spending far too long in a top guy’s hold.  To his knees, yes! kicks, a lot of them, maybe ten, before Haste ducked and Nichols tripped Danielson from the outside.

And you know what that means!


Back to Danielson taking Romero lariats in the corner, Rocky seeking a rana from the top but taking a Manhattan drop from there instead, Rocky tagged Haste; Danielson – Claudio, who ran wild, snapping jabs to Haste in the ropes, running uppercut, back body, strut, running lariat for Rocky outside before grabbing a chair and launching into a running something on Nichols (the camera missed it).

Back inside, he sought a swing; Nichols broke it up, Yuta took him out and launched a tope but was caught and dumped against the barricade.  Moxley hit Haste with a cutter inside, to the apron begging a tag, made: another cutter, lariats in the corner, ten of the best, fans counting, piledriver, near fall.

Synchronized lariats left Mox and Haste down, Rush tagged in (the other five are all down at ringside), frogsplash for two, back upstairs seeking another, Mox moved, big boot, Death Rider slipped out of by Rush, TMDK hit a double powerbomb, Danielson returned to nail Nichols via busaiku but was taken out by Haste, everyone took out everyone until Rocky went for a go on the swing.

Rush returned to leap into a sleeper on Claudio but was elevated up and tossed over into a Death Rider (not quite fluidly enough to make it as cool as it sounds) as the IWGP champ took the W.

Good action, Mox didn’t do a lot given his recent hectic schedule but got the win, as he should have.  Nigel was really heeling on Danielson in this.  Which, if it annoys you, probably did.

Winner: BCC

Mox grabbed a mic and his belt, pausing as the crowd chanted his name.  He addressed Naito – calling him a survivor but calling Forbidden Door the final conflict.  He’s not coming to beat Naito or defend the title, he’s coming to end him at Forbidden Door, to finish his career, put him in a pine box and ‘bury your ass once and for all.’

Sure would be nice if I knew why Mox was this pissed.


MJF/Rush package.


Schiavone called the Acclaimed and Billy Gunn to the ring.  Caster took a mic and was all serious.  Complaining about the Young (Bleeped), who fined them five grand for disparaging them, as they showed some tweets on the screen.

Caster swore some more, a sure sign a promo doesn’t have a lot to it.  Caster said the fans wanted to see them win the tag belts Wednesday (Tony Khan, even your own wrestlers can’t keep up with what’s an eliminator and what isn’t!).  The fans kinda said ‘yaaay,’ but weren’t exactly raucous.

Bowens said Wednesday they were facing for the first time in four years.  Bowens cut the generic we’re not the same guys we were last time promo.  Gunn was amusing himself in the background, chatting with Schiavone.  As Bowens fired up, channeling Ric Flair as he yelled that the Bucks could fine him, fine all of them but they were taking their belts and their company back (the continuing idea that the Elite are like some sort of invading force just makes no sense).

Caster swore some more, ‘virgin asses’ did make the cut.  Caster tried to go ‘old school,’ and did the old ‘yo…yo…yo…,’ thing.  When Brandon Cutler came out to badly overact.  Chris Daniels came out too.  And as Cutler was going to fine the faces again, CD stopped him and undid the fine already issued, per Tony Khan’s instructions.  Then battered Cutler and fed him to the faces for scissor me timbers.

I’m so disinterested in the Acclaimed that there isn’t anything they could’ve done here to get me interested in the match.  The storyline makes no sense and even the wrestlers can’t keep tabs on whether the belts are on the line.  But this was still probably the best build for a tv tag title (ish) match since Cole and Max vs FTR last summer?  Which is sad.

Deonna Purrazzo vs Thunder Rosa (No DQ)

Backstory: Been feuding back a couple months, mostly on Rampage which I haven’t seen

Deonna is seemingly an actual heel now, both were dressed for a fight, jeans and tees.  Deonna attacked before the bell, Rosa quickly recovered to launch a cross body from the top to the floor then smash Deonna to the steps three times.

Even the announcers weren’t sure if the bell had rung, they decided it hadn’t.  Rosa brought out a trash can, the fans started chanting for tables immediately because thirty years of them hasn’t been enough.  Deonna cut her off and began targeting the arm before introducing lots of weapons to the ring and setting a chair in the corner.

Rosa reversed a whip into it and hit a DVD for two, as Tony completely lost his ability to speak after Nigel brought up Mina Shirakawa’s ‘melons.’  Rosa went right for a table but Deonna baseball slid it into her.


Back to Rosa ducking a chair shot before booting it into Deonna, chair shot to the gut, weak one across the back, another, before a sloppy Samoan drop onto a flat table on the mat.  Nasty landing with Purrazzo’s joints hither and yon.

The crowd are silent here btw.  As Deonna left Rosa in the tree of woe before aiming a shoulder to the gut for two.  Rosa slipped out of a piledriver to hit a ddt on a chair for two.  Then put Deonna in a trash can in the corner before setting up one set of legs of a table to make a ramp, using it to launch into a shotgun dropkick, crowd loved that, cool move.

Which could’ve been a nice finish.  But wasn’t.  Deonna out at two.  They fought over the table, Deonna hit a package piledriver for two.  Transitioning right into the VdM, Rosa got her foot under the ropes I guess but it seemed more like Deonna just released the hold.

Then took out a cameraman, nailed Rosa with maybe a small part of said camera and applied the VdM through the ropes with Rosa on the apron, Rosa already out owing to the camera shot.

Sloppy in places, totally lacking in atmosphere and the intensity intrinsic to a grudge/no dq match.  Purrazzo laughed and posed on the ramp.

Winner: Deonna Purazzo

They did a video package of the first Collision last year and highlights over the year, Punk was in some shots but only with other guys and they never clearly showed him.

Dalton Castle vs Hechicero

Backstory: NONE

Guessing they’ve hired some new Boys?  It was the Outrunners and some other dudes.  Schiavone called Castle ‘quite a star.’  I love Dalton, would like to see more of him, but bruh…

Hechicero (Cero) is with the Gates of Agony for some reason.

Fans chanted briefly for Dalton.  They grappled to the ropes, Cero aimed an open palm, yay/boo slaps and strikes, Cero followed Dalton to the ropes, grabbing a sleeper against the top one, diving forearm from the top for two.

Crowd silent again.  For the second match in a row.  Happy Anniversary!

Castle slipped under a lariat to nail a ddt, thinking full nelson on the mat, Cero fighting to his feet, Dalton seeking the Bangarang, Cero countered out into a choke on the mat.  Back to it, Castle finally slipped out, back elbow, Cero again followed him into the ropes, flurry of strikes, crowd oohing at chops is the only break in the silence.

Until Castle hit an overhead throw when Cero raced at him.  Cero slipped out of another Bangarang into a sunset flip for two.  Then avoided a corner charge, step up knee strike in the corner and something like a crucifix bomb using the legs for the win.

Tony Khan might want to note that a guy who almost never appears on AEW tv was still more over than the random Mexican who beat him.  But probably won’t.

Would also be very nice if someone, anyone (*cough* the announcers), acted like it wasn’t totally normal for the Gates of Agony to celebrate with Hechicero.  That trio was utterly clobbering Dalton and the Boys when Disco Daniel and Matt Menard made the save with chairs.

Winner: Hechicero

Arkady was with Top Flight and Action Andretti.  Darius actually cut a nice lil promo, asking his bro if he was running or scared, Dante responding ‘no!’ each time.  Lio Rush interrupted to say hi to Dante.  While noting he and Andretti had history.

He offered his hand to Darius, who refused. Lio said ‘no heat,’ and wished Dante good luck.  Action said it was great seeing Rush.

Again, I remember Rush and Dante were a thing for a bit.  Can’t remember what happened, how it ended or why there might be an issue.  Sure would be nice if I didn’t need to do research to watch a damn tv show.


The Patriarchy (sans Cage) were in the ring.  Wayne’s mom did her usual, ‘You boo a mother?’ etc. spiel.  Then introduced Cage.

He didn’t anticipate spending the most important holiday in the ‘rust belt,’ then did his shutup/conduct business thing.  He noted today is the anniversary of Buddy Wayne’s death.  They zoomed in on Wayne, cheap and tacky.

Cage said it was the best thing that ever happened to Nick because it led him to Cage.  He told him he loved him.  There was an easel covered over with a blanket.  Nick gave Cage a basic card he’d made and written himself.  Cage loved it.

Cage removed the blanket, revealing a portrait of Cage which Saurus had painted.  Cage said it was ‘okay,’ then went back to fawning over the card.  Killswitch went to leave, Cage cajoled/ordered him back.

Cage said there was footage which showed his shoulder was up when Swerve pinned him.  The EVPs wanted to show it but he asked them not to since he and his family don’t make excuses.  He vowed to be world champ and said the path to this started with the trios titles (huh!?).

The fans reacted by making no noise whatsoever.  Then chanted ‘Luchasaurus.’

Cage declared AEW ‘my company’ and said he’s the best signing in AEW history and vowed to become the best wrestler ever.  Then used a Star Wars line (I think, never watched) to say he was Tony Khan’s father.

That’s a whole lot of tv time just to remember they were teasing Luchasaurus splitting last year and to talk about the damn trios titles.  Almost like they were filling time.


Juice and the Gunns promo.  Juice said they built Collision, he broke his back making the show what it is today (poor guy broke his back for nothing?).  The belts aren’t on the line since the only Jay White in the house was CardBlade.  So tonight is about the House proving they can hang.

Aka more filler.  Not bad filler but filler all the same.  It’s also very weird that two heel teams are chasing the heel champs.  Though knowing AEW House of Black might have just ‘turned’ without actually doing so.

Lee Moriarty vs Dante Martin

Backstory: Winner qualifies for TNT title shot

Three matches in a row now with a silent crowd.  Nice show of athleticism as they ducked and dodged, Moriarty getting the better and showing off.  Lockup, Moriarty armwringer, trip, before working the legs.

Dante kipped up into a tejeiras, ducked a couple swings into another tejeiras, a pretty loose one.  Then flipped over a rushing Moriarty, who spilled outside.  Dante followed, hitting a dropkick through the ropes near the buckle (like Sami Zayn’s tope/ddt) then sent Lee back in but was knocked off the ropes attempting a springboard, spilling back outside.

As Moriarty tried to generate some noise by clapping.


Back to a grapple, Dante armdragged Moriarty clear, weak forearms, a whip failed because Dante’s arm hurt.  Martin to the apron, he flipped over onto the middle rope, just about regained his balance then sprang into a cross body for two.

Not sure why he’s selling his arm so much.  Nothing pre-break suggested he particularly should.  As Moriarty wrenched the arm behind Dante’s shoulder and snapped it, then hit a front-first slam onto the arm, right into the Border City Stretch.  Which I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone tap to.

The fans were still silent, cheering lightly as Martin finally got the ropes with his foot.  Moriarty hit a spinning impaler for two.  Then retreated to the corner, readying a Harlem side kick, Dante ducked, leaping knee strike, Moriarty hit back with a boot, Martin got another leaping knee, meteora from the middle rope, back upstairs, frogsplash for the win.

No atmosphere, no drama: winner was obvious because, really, who you picking here to go on to a ladder match?  Enough stutters as to make it hard to immerse yourself.

Dante was really selling his arm afterward. As the world’s most overpaid waistcoat Anthony Ogogo and Shane Taylor attacked.  Dante and Action hit the scene and were laid out, fair and square.  Ogogo being put over at the expense of the star Chris Jericho once ‘made.’

Leading to Lio Rush coming out to take out both heels.  Man that makes Action and Darius look like total losers.  Fans chanted for Rush, about the only over guy out of seven.  And he doesn’t even work here.

Dante gave a nod of acknowledgment as he eyed Rush.  Things still seemed tense between the faces.  Story could be fairly interesting if they’d care to remind us or explain it.

Winner: Dante Martin

A Hikaru Shida package.  She’s entering the Owen.  Since I’d legit forgotten she existed, guessing she’s not winning.


It’s Roddy time!!! Strong out to do more talking.  Joining on comms.  Along with the Kingdom.  They showed Strong holding Kyle back on Wednesday or something.  Strong said, ‘We care about him.’

They announced an eight-man tag for Weds. An ‘All Star’ tag because AEW must brand everything cheaply rather than attaching meaning to it through booking over time.  See bottom for the match.

Kyle O’Reilly vs Anthony Henry

Backstory: NONE

Henry ‘a very dangerous man’ per Tony Schiavone.  His followers certainly are.

After far, far too long, even if was in reality about five minutes, Kyle won via tap.

‘Didn’t you beat him up not that long ago?’ Schiavone asked Strong.  Which was funny.  Strong tried to cover the massive booking flaws by saying it was all to remind Kyle ‘who he is.’


Winner: Kyle O’Reilly

Juice Robinson & the Gunns vs House of Black

Backstory: Juice & the Gunns called out the House Weds

If it didn’t drop out of the sky this could be the kind of main event Collision provides every week – a chance to show one mid-card wrestler/group of wrestlers ascending up the card by beating another.

They made it clear the titles cannot be defended without Jay White.  So that’s at least some booking credit.

And chalk up another match beginning with silence.  And Juice vs Malakai.  Black went right for a cover after a shoulder tackle but didn’t even get a count, Juice hooked an armdrag, Malakai legscissors free, Juice just threw himself down (they were going for Malakai avoiding another armdrag), Black got in his pose, Juice pretended to piss on him.

Still the best flurry since the opener.  Juice is a character, something sorely lacking all night.  Austin tagged in all cocky, strutting over toward Malakai then U-turning when Black tagged Brody.  Again – fun, characters.

Colten tagged in, Brody ran through both Gunns, double lariat to the outside before flinging Juice onto them, House standing in the ring, teasing a triple dive (babyfaces out of nowhere!), the heels slid back in and were sent back out with knee strikes.


Buddy in off the top with a stomp to Colten’s arm, Black right back in, going after the appendage but Colten hooked him to the heel corner where they worked Black over with quick tags and strikes, culminating with a Juice senton for two.

Juice sent Black to the buckle, snap suplex for two.  His yelling is the only noise.  More tags in and out, Black still stuck in the corner, crowd finally clapping support.  For a bit at least.  Black fighting free until a Juice leg lariat nailed him for two.

Sleeper on the mat, Black to his feet, crowd clapping again, Juice cutting Black off again.  This time via throat thrust.  But missing a cannonball in the corner.  Though Colten again cut off the tag, Austin did too after Colten missed a corner splash, Black finally tagged Buddy, strikes and knee lifts for all, a pop-up one for Colten before driving Austin into Colten’s gut.

Jackhammer, Juice broke the pin at two.  Then knocked the other HOB off the apron.  Buddy nailed him via gameniri from the apron, to the top, meteora, Buddy hurt his knee, don’t know if he was selling or not, especially since he’s pretended to be injured several times going back to a match with Andrade about this time last year.  He tagged out pretty quickly, Brody in.

Ads.  That this is going through two breaks on an anniversary show says a lot.

Back to Buddy shown being helped backstage by security.  The heels tripled-up on Brody in the corner, Juice hit the cannonball this time for two.  Brody took out the Gunns, blocking 3:10 to Yuma, Bossman slam for Juice who spilled outside, crowd barking briefly, tag to Black, strikes and boots, back elbow for Colten, flurry and legsweep for Austin, kip-up, Asai moonsault to Juice, damn dude’s impressive, so fast and agile.

Bridging German for two on Colten, Juice grabbed Malakai’s leg allowing Colten to hit a leaping lariat for two.  Tag to Austin, Black fought off both Gunns until Juice snapped him against the top rope, Austin fameasser for two.

The Gunns hit 3:10 to Yuma to Brody who wasn’t legal.  Juice was perched atop the apron when Pac appeared and sort-of tripped him, Malakai took advantage of the confusion to nail Austin with The End to win.  Schiavone said this earned the House a title shot.

Perfectly willing to accept the possibility that I’m a dumbass who missed it, but when did they announce that?  They maybe hinted at it…  Again a very flat atmosphere didn’t help a match which went far too long given there was no issue and BCG have lost a lot of momentum by being so rarely on tv.

It’s also very clear they’re totally out of ideas for these titles.  First, Death Triangle and now the House getting another go.  Time to dump ‘em.  Christian Cage appeared on the screen and congratulated the House on becoming #1 contenders (a fan yelled ‘What!?’) but the problem is they’re not a trio anymore: the camera panned out to reveal a downed Matthews, ostensibly the victim of a conchairto.

Hard to feel a whole lot of sympathy for guys who two weeks ago were heels stealing wedding rings and never actually turned.  Which right there is just one of the issues with not defining heels and faces.

Winner: House of Black


Next Dynamite:

  • MJF vs Rush (opens the show; no ads)
  • Toni Storm & Mina Shirakawa contract signing
  • Orange Cassidy, Mark Briscoe, Kyle O’Reilly & Dante Martin vs Kyle Fletcher, Roderick Strong, Konosuke Takeshita and Zack Sabre Jr.
  • Bucks vs Acclaimed (Tag title eliminator)
  • Swerve/Ospreay face to face
  • (Didn’t they say Weds that all the Elite, i.e. Okada too, would be in eliminators?  What a mess)

Next Collision:

  • Jericho and Big Bill vs Private Party

Thumbs Up/Down

  • The show survived a year even with lineups like this?
  • Opener was pretty good wrestling


  • Was this anniversary show a better lineup than your average Collision? Possibly.  That’s sad isn’t it?
  • It really would be nice if watching two of the three shows every single week was enough to keep up with storylines

Appreciate you reading.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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