Collision TV report for 05/25/2024

Venue: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV


Wild Thing played, Schiavone yelled that it was AEW’s five-year anniversary, and the three people in the crowd screamed.  My god there’s nobody here.

The hometown boy came out through the fans as they showed clips of his debut all those years ago.  In front of a huge crowd.  Could not have been a bigger contrast.  Such a damaging look.

AEW’s haphazard booking laid bare as Don Callis came out, Schiavone noting they’d heard he was going to call Moxley out but that he hadn’t even had to do it since Mox had come out first.

Loud boos.  Callis said he’d cost Moxley the AEW title on his second night in the company.  The boos continued to drown him out.  Callis said Mox got his revenge, his ‘pound of flesh,’ replaying when Callis legit got busted open last year in an angle gone wrong.  And Callis then helped Mox beat Omega a year ago.

Mox is the first person Callis thinks of every morning when he looks in the mirror.  He and Mox aren’t like most people.  When he was in the ambulance that night, Mox came in, put his hand on his shoulder and said ‘you’re one of us now.’  He and Callis are a lot alike, they see everything but feel nothing.

Wrestling has given them a place to exist.  Crowd chanted ‘STFU.’  He had to help Mox beat Omega.  He didn’t have to help Takeshita beat Omega.  He didn’t want this match to happen.  The two of them have driven the business for three years on separate paths.  What if they aligned?

They should ‘use the segment,’ to announce Mox’s future with the Family.  Mox took the mic as Callis did an excellent job showing fear and reticence.  Mox had one question.  Callis said he’ll do anything.  Mox said if they’re gonna trust each other, he’s gonna need more of a commitment than that tiny scar.  Takeshita attacked from behind to light boos.

Laying Moxley out with a forearm then grabbing a chair.  Placing Mox’s left arm in the chair then leaping off the top onto it.  Moxley writhed, Danielson and Claudio came out, ‘too little, too late,’ noted Nigel, ‘that should be their tag team name.’

It’s so AEW to,

  • Not advertise this
  • Not hype it as Callis trying to recruit Mox
  • Have him do it on the very last show before the ppv with half the Dynamite audience
  • Do an injury angle on said show before said audience

Packed a bunch of stuff in, didn’t hype it, didn’t explain it, didn’t give it meaning.  It’s exactly why the arena is dark.

Schiavone hyped the main event, then paused.  ‘But,’ he said, as they showed Moxley writhing in agony, doctors checking on him.  So he’s going to continue by saying that first we need to make sure top star and former champion Moxley is okay, right?  Wrong.  We’re going back to Wednesday to show clips of Strong and the Kingdom – who Nigel called the ‘Undisputed Era’ at first – leaving Ospreay bloody.

(Btw, Mox was never mentioned again.)


We’re going to just move on from a big angle without making it mean anything but please take this other angle we’re showing you seriously.

To Ospreay after Weds.  Still covered in blood.  He said he’s been on four days benders (drinking sessions), woke up, had a bowl of Cocoa Pops, flown to Japan and whooped the toughest guy in the company in front of his wife and kids.

They think this scares him?  ‘I live for this bruv!’ he screamed while pounding his head.  No one is better inside that ring.  And now Strong’s bonded him with that championship, his blood’s on it.  In the perfect city to do it, ‘bet it all, gamble your life on it son,’ because it’s his mission to take the title away.

Nobody’s better than him, he’s on another level.

Excellent promo.  Very creative.

Claudio Castagnoli, Disco Daniel Garcia & Hiroshi Tanahashi vs the Righteous and Lance Archer

Backstory: NONE

Matt Menard on comms.  Claudio and Garcia out, heels out next, the faces third is a ‘mystery partner.’  They teased it being 2:3. It’s Hulk Hogan right?

Nope, it’s Hiroshi f’ing Tanahashi.  In front of three people.  I’m generally a proponent of surprises.  Why on earth would you not advertise this given ticket sales?  Crowd chanted ‘holy shit.’  As Claudio and Dutch locked up.  Dutch hit a cheap shot, the big guys crashed via shoulder block, repeatedly until a Dutch body slam.

Claudio leapfrog, uppercut, big body slam, leaping stomp.  Garcia in.  Vincent too.  Garcia lit up Vincent, Vincent cut off the face thrust dancing in the corner, can’t blame him; Tanahashi in to cut off Archer, the faces hit synchronized swinging neckbreakers before dancing/air guitaring respectively.

The heels took advantage of the faces dancing to leave them laying before the break.  Interesting choice.


Garcia cut off repeatedly, Archer knocking his partners off the apron, he finally got the tag to Tanahashi who did a great job playing to the crowd cause he’s a pro.  Leaping forearm rocked Archer but didn’t floor him.  A second did the job.  The announcers keep talking about Tanahashi ‘joining Team AEW’ and ‘New Japan standing behind AEW here,’ like the heels are invaders.

As Archer took out Tana via cross body.  Garcia blocked a choekslam over the ropes, grabbing a guillotine using the ropes, Archer left outside, Vincent lariated out by Claudio.  Swing on Dutch.  Crowd enjoyed that.  Archer cut it off and got decent heat.  Then cut off Tana up top with a climbing knee strike.  Ductha dn Vincent hit slcied bread to Tanahashi off each other’s chests.  That might be a low point in his career.

The other faces took out the other heels.  A ’Go Ace,’ chant started as he hit a slingblade to Vincent.  Then went back up top. Taking care to steady himself before a match-winning High Fly Flow.  Poor dude’s knees are ruined.

He then joined in Garcia’s dance.  Lame.  A waste of time.

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli, Disco Daniel Garcia & Hiroshi Tanahashi

Propaganda vid for the EVPs.  Showing them as ‘everyman’ bosses.  Then painting their opposition tomorrow as violent, despicable people who want to ruin everything they’ve built.  Then showing Danielson spitting into the camera before cutting to Schiavone after Perry had poured that drink on him.

That’s tremendous.

For the fans, the EVPs will never stop their pursuit to change the world.

Lucha Bros vs the Gunns (If the Bros win the trios titles are on the line)

Backstory: Gunns challenged the bros Weds

‘This is quite a moment in AEW history!’ yelled Schiavone as the Bros came out.  With their kids.  Who were dressed like their dads.  Very cute.  They replayed the angle Weds which saw them return.

This is the Bros first tag since WrestleDream per Schiavone.  As we got two belting themes back-to-back as the Gunns came out.  Jay White notably absent.  Nigel said a lot of weird stuff about the Gunns.

This almost started before the bell.  As they brushed over this being to decide whether the titles are on the line tomorrow.  Penta and Austin to start, Austin let himself be pie-faced and slumped over the ropes.  Cause he’s a heel.

He did ‘Gunns up!’ then took a cheap shot.  Bringing Rey and Colten in, everybody took out everybody, a guy in each corner, racing at e/o, superkicks from the Bros, Gunns sent out, crowd clapping, synchronized baseball dives missing as the Gunns tried to hide under the ring.

Then ducked ‘uno, dos, tres’ kicks.  Taking over by double-teaming Penta inside.  Colten floatover suplex for two.  Tag to Austin, double suplex.  For the same.


Penta fighting off Colten’s shoulders, both down, Rey fought off Austin, back to the corner, tag nearly made, Penta fought off both Gunns, Fenix in off the top via springboard cross body to both Gunns.  Tejeiras to Austin, one from the top by Penta to Colten (little sloppy), Fenix splash off the top for a near fall.

God these dudes are fun.

Fear Factor setup, Rey was tripped off the top by Austin.  Who was tagged in, Penta body dropped, leaving Fenix 1:2, forearm to the back of the head, fameasser, Penta just making the save.  The Gunns sent Penta out, he came right back in to break up 3:10 to Yuma.

They sent Colten packing, hit Fear Factor to Austin, Fenix continuing on to take out Colten via tope as Penta got the pin.  Pac out to celebrate.  A little sloppy but fun and fast in places.  Crowd into the Bros, as ever.  Are you watching Tony?

Jay White came out to hold up the belts on the ramp.

Winner: Lucha Bros

Replay of the FTW triple threat qualifier or whatever Wednesday.

Jericho and Bill with Arkady.  Bill took over the interview.  He said Jericho’s always taught him that in your darkest hour you have to dig deep to pull out the light.  Jericho agreed, saying he likes Arkady’s name since it sounds like somewhere you play video games and laughed too much at his joke.

He know he’s going to have to work hard.  Because when you’re the Learning Tree you’re going to have to face all types of opponents.  Bryan Keith came in and promised it wasn’t the last Jericho’s seen of him.

Hopefully it really is.  No thanks.  What tomorrow’s triple threat really needed was even muddier waters.

Jericho waved and said ‘Thanks Bryan,’ as Keith left.  Of course he was being overly nice the whole time.

Kyle O’Reilly vs KM

Backstory: NONE

O’Reilly won via tap in like 30 seconds.  Not sure what the point was.

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly

Recap of Mercedes/Willow.  They continue to show Mone being carried out after taking Willow’s Dr Bomb.

Then showed them brawling on Rampage, Mercedes out after Willow’s match.  They brawled, were separated and Mone ended up with Willow’s title.

Willow had it back as she came out here with Statlander.  Who urged Willow toward the ring then headed backstage.  Nice reaction for Willow.  She said you can’t have Collision on TBS without the face of TBS.  Crowd chanted again.

She noted that on Rampage, somebody else put their hands on her title.  ‘Mercedes Mone.’  Willow has kept talking about respecting her, but now we’re way past respect.  ‘Tomorrow, Mercedes I am going to wreck you.  I am going to make you long for the days when you were out of harm’s way, sitting at home on the shelf.’

Then she calmed down and said nonchalantly ‘I know championships, they come and go…’ but fired up again and said she’ll be damned if tomorrow is when hers ends.  For years she’s been fighting for her dream.  She was nearly paralyzed when she broke her neck before she got here.  She’ll go through tough matches, long flights, whatever it takes to defend her title.

She’s just getting started.

Crowd chanted again.  More lightly.  A few ‘CEO’ chants were booed down.

She said Mercedes can’t beat her ‘at any percent’ because last year Willow won.  Tomorrow, she’s going to prove that she’s the better woman.  Big cheer.

Mostly strong, perhaps a little long.  She high-fived fans on her way back.  Interesting how hard she went on retaining as a babyface.  But does set the stage for a grand betrayal.


Trent with Lexy.  He said he’s already said everything he has to say.  Then carried on talking.  Until Rocky Romero came in.  Rocky talked about their past with all the Best Friends and said whatever happens tomorrow he hopes they can all put it in the past.  Because they’re family.

Trent said that’s absolutely not happening and Rocky shouldn’t interrupt him.

Does seem kinda weird that they could get back together after Trent supposedly ended Chuck’s career mere weeks ago.

Brody King & Buddy Matthews vs Gates of Agony vs the Infantry vs the Acclaimed

Backstory: NONE

So no mention whatsoever of Buddy coughing up blood the other week.  Even Schiavone could go no further than calling this ‘very interesting.’  Caster said a lot of swears and has a moustache.  Few words in AEW are more tired than ‘Yo… listeeeen.’

Caster and Bravo got a lot of quick pins for two.  Caster tagged out.  To his partner.  Bravo’s dumb so tagged Buddy.  Bowens immediately tagged Kaun.  So guess he’s dumb too.  Kaun and Brody smashed together to a stalemate.  Buddy tagged Brody, crowd barking.  Kaun tagged Leona.

The big men knocked like four guys off the apron then got to it.  Crowd chanting ‘meat’ with each blow.  The other guys kept trying to interrupt and would be laid out before the big guys continued to duel.  Brody hit a big headbutt but staggered back himself as Leona remained unmoved.

Buddy bridged Leona out through the ropes, King hit a dive onto a bunch of the other guys and the crowd barked enthusiastically.  House of Black are heels.


Back to Buddy and Caster, chinlock city, Max trying to fight up but cut off.  Buddy jawed with guys on the apron, took an Infantry superkick party, they hit one to Brody who didn’t budge till Caster joined the party.

Leona took out the babyfaces.  Then crushed Brody in the corner.  Matthews in via meteora but took a shotgun dropkick.  Everybody’s just in and out at will, crowd utterly silent.  Until the two big dudes were left again.  Brody couldn’t lift Leona who nailed a Samoan drop for two.

Bravo tagged in, the Infantry spent ages readying a very staged dual dive onto all the non-House guys.  They then tried to take down Brody.  Billy Gunn’s joined in the brawling outside.  As has Brian Cage.  Then they all just left.  The House hit a cannonball/dropkick combo in the corner (like they hit Copeland with sans Malakai) to win.

Total waste of time isn’t strong enough.  Tony Khan owes us ten minutes.

Winner: Brody King & Buddy Matthews

Copeland promo.  ‘You took the one item that kept me tethered to my comfortable world…’  Out.  Hard.  Anyone out there ever used the phrase ‘tethered to my comfortable world?’

Black was ‘born out of the shadows that I cast.’  Copeland knew they’d eventually meet.  The House ‘showed me where I need to navigate from.’

They showed him the version of him he needs to be.  A devil on one shoulder with no angel to be found.  ‘Fitting juxtaposition.’  Copeland then talked about the force he and Malakai could be.  ‘We don’t deal in dreams, our currency is nightmares.’

This is some top-grade bollocks.

They showed Buddy and Brody watching from the ramp as Copeland wondered whether they’d join him if he beat Black.  Copeland suggested they could be ‘the House of Blood.’

‘When you see evil in a man’s eyes, it’s already too late.’


They showed Deeb stopping Toni Storm from stripping Wednesday.  ‘What a heel’ to quote Nigel.  To Toni in a weird position atop the medical beds backstage.  Storm has to ‘fight for my life against a woman who thought that twitching on the floor was a sign that she should keep wrestling.’

She said she’d make Deeb a victim if she wants to be.  She’ll make her seizures feel like a walk in the park.  Her obituary will note that she lost to the champ.

So yeah just don’t like either woman or want to see that in any way.  Have lots of people been complaining about Toni?  Because she talked about her words ‘being analyzed like a Zapruder Film.’

Mariah May vs Leyla Hirsch

Backstory: NONE

May avoided a corner charge, rolling through to land a slap, chop, a second, a flurry in the ropes.  Hirsch hit back, shoving May clear.  May shoved her breasts in Hirsch’s face, Hirsch sold this as May did a showgirl-style dance.  And Nigel said he wished he was wrestling again.

Hirsch belly to belly.  May hit back immediately via Samoan drop, shotgun off the ropes, pose, shook her breasts, Nigel yelled ‘put your dollars away!’


Hirsch missed a moonsualt, May hit a pair of running forearms, big boot, belly to back, man she’s good.  Real snap to her moves and movements.  Shotgun off the top for two.  She set Leyla atop the buckle then hit a handspring headscissors.

Hip attack coming, Leyla avoided it into a rollup.  And was booed.  German suplex for two.  May hit a headbutt and an absolutely vicious knee strike to win.  Jeeesus that looked good.

As with those who face Storm, Hirsch was in a tough spot here, May a total babyface.  Including hugging some folks in the front row afterward.

Winner: Mariah May

Serena with Lexy.  Storm called tomorrow ‘Deeb or Nothing.’  She said Storm’s been having fun and games but it wasn’t a few weeks ago when Storm threw in the towel to stop her ‘little stooge having her leg snapped off.’

Deeb called her ‘Time’s Up Toni Storm, I’ll see you tomorrow.’

Actually a really good promo.  Shame the rest of the feud could only have been worse if you were trying to make it bad.


Patriarchy promo shot from the Buddy Wayne Academy.  Cage said Swerve not only took out his ‘son,’ he did it on holy ground.  As part of a wider Swerve/Cage package.  Which was very good.


They showed the Bucks pushing their new Reeboks at a mall.  Complete with smiling and posing with fans.  Know kayfabe’s dead but could you not rub it in our faces during the show?

Danielson & FTR vs Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh

Backstory: implausibly, the heels here got the better of top act Danielson Wednesday

There’s just absolutely no way I’d be watching this if I wasn’t recapping.  The announcers inferred Darby will be using the flamethrower tomorrow.  Nigel said if he uses it on Danielson ‘it’s the only way he’ll ever have a smoking hot body.’  Bless you Nigel for providing light through this darkness.

Sonjay Dutt spoke to the camera, a man so ridiculously cartoonish he lowers everything he touches.  And this couldn’t get much lower.

Jeff Jarrett kept getting the better of Bryan Danielson.  Then strutted.  Then tagged out.  Lethal in, Danielson hit a knee to the gut and spine kick.  Dax in, chops in the corner, uppercuts too.  Cash in via springboard shoulder block.

Shots in the corner, diving off onto Jarrett who tried to interfere, inverted atomic drop to Lethal.  Until Singh snatched him in a goozle and dragged him outside.  And that fucking clown Sonjay Dutt continued to make excruciatingly bad things worse.  As Schiavone called Jay Lethal one of the greatest wrestlers ever.


Dax small package on Lethal for two.  Until another Singh shot from the apron.  This dude is being paid to be big.  And absolutely nothing more.  He tagged in then hit the same low chokeslams he’s been using for years.  Because he still can’t do anything else.

He fought off FTR by himself as the other heels setup chairs to watch.  Until Jarrett tagged in and Danielson was actually allowed to look strong for a bit.  Lots of rights topped by more in the corner.  Running lariat after ducking under.  Leg lariats in the corner, looking for the LeBell, Lethal broke it immediately.

This crowd is almost silent and it seems like people have actually left.  Cannot blame ‘em.

Singh missed a charge, colliding with the much more talented ringpost.  And was left in the ring vs all three faces.  They all hit yes kicks for ages but he would not go down.  FTR hit an EVP Trigger, Danielson a busaiku, Singh still not down.

Everyone took out everyone, Danielson blocked the stroke but was sent to the buckle.  Even here the faces couldn’t win cleanly: shenanigans involving a guitar shot while Karen Jarrett took the ref.  FTR pinned Lethal after a Shatter Machine.

Cash took a mic.  He said the moment they joined AEW it became their home.  He will fight, breathe and die for this company.  ‘Wrestling fans are better off because of AEW.’

Tough show to make that claim.

Wrestlers are better off because of AEW etc. etc.  The stuff Tony Khan surely likes to hear so he can ignore constructive criticism.  Cash said they’re the only four who’ll walk out tomorrow.  Dax cut another rah rah speech.  They’re fighting for everyone who wants entertainment to forget their problems for a bit.

Whether for one hour, two hours, he gets to be our hero.  And tomorrow, at least one more time, he gets to be our hero.  Actually a really good promo.

Winner: Danielson & FTR

It was suggested throughout that this show represents AEW after five years.  It sure does; they’re in trouble.


Next Dynamite:

  • Casino Gauntlet, winner gets an AEW Title shot at Forbidden Door

Thumbs Up/Down

  • Ospreay promo
  • Mariah May looked good, be cool to see her in a match against another strong wrestler to see how good she really is
  • Deeb’s promo
  • Dax’s promo


  • It’s a fair bet that if you’d told the people of Vegas Mr Moxley was going to be there, you’d have at least been able to fill the seats in front of the camera
  • See above re: Tanahashi
  • Moxley presumably had his arm broken and was never mentioned again
  • Outside of Mox and Tanahashi, be pretty pissed if you bought a ticket for this, a rancid show

Appreciate you reading.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Paul Hemming
Paul Hemminghttps://h00kedon.weebly.com/
Paul Hemming got into AEW during the pandemic, lives in Liverpool, England, and is a huge Liverpool fan, Playstation player and history lover.

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