Collision TV report for 05/11/2024

Venue: Rogers Arena, British Columbia, Ca.

So Danielson’s contract is apparently up before All In…


Top Flight vs Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli

Backstory: NONE

Legging it right to the action, not even an intro vid, the BCC hit the scene.  There are like 6,000 people tonight which has to be one of AEW’s biggest non-PPV crowds in ages.  Nigel accused BD of faking his injury since he’s back after only a couple weeks.

They are genuinely trying to push this as Claudio seeking revenge for losing a battle royal in December.  December 2022.

Danielson and Darius to start, on the mat, Darius kipping up out of a headscissors. Wrist control, armdrag, Darius again kipped up into a cravate.  Danielson tripped him to the mat and grabbed a headlock, shoulder block, but then ran right into a beautifully snug Darius armdrag takedown.  Backslide got two, Darius ducked a roundhouse, reset.

Nice start, fast and crisp.

Dante in, double team from TF, snapmare into a spine stomp for barely one.  Arm wringer, Danielson trying to wriggle free but settling for forcing the youngster to his corner to tag Claudio.  Sloppy tejeiras from Dante, Darius back in, Claudio attempted a suplex but Dante, from the apron, seesawed the Swiss into a Darius suplex by shoving his legs.

Schiavone not at all subtly implied Danielson and McGuinness at Wembley.

Danielson tagged, to the top, diving knees with Darius draped across the top rope, crowd loud, chanting ‘yes!’ as he sought a Romero special.  And got it.  Tagging Claudio from the hold.  CC nailed forearms as the ubiquitous TiA chant began.  Just minutes in.

He hurled Darius into the buckle, the youngster crashing to the floor.


Back to yes! kicks on Darius, stiff exchange of chops, flurry of kicks in the corner, whip, Darius feet up, buckle Pele kick which really caught Danielson in the head.  Both got tags, Dante a concert of rights, avoiding a corner charge, gamengiri from the apron, springboard cross body for two.  Which, per Schiavone, really shook ‘the man from Sweden.’  Nigel had to tell him.

Dante took out BD with a tope, another gamengiri to Claudio, to the top, frogsplash that hit the goddamn ceiling, near fall.  Sunset flip attempt, Claudio countered into the swing.  Which has ‘got to be one of the most frightening things to be in,’ per Schiavone.

All four in, Danielson and Darius teeing off again, Darius fighting off both vets until a Claudio knee but hitting a tornado ddt off his bro’s chest, Danielson sent out, Dante hit Nosedive, Claudio out again at two.

Dante missed Claudio off the top, took a busaiku, Dante and BD teeing off again until a stiff kick, running lariat from Claudio for the win.

So Danielson and Mox vs Top Flight was one of my fav tv matches last year.  Seems BCC and those boys is a good combo.

Winner: Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli

Danielson grabbed a mic and played to the crowd.  He asked for a round of applause for TF.  He said they are what AEW is all about.  He said he heard a chant as the show started that warmed his heart – ‘A-E-W.’  He led them in another chant.

Said the first Anarchy match nearly ended his career (got a bad concussion).  The reason he’s willing to risk another is cause he loves AEW.  Claudio left at this point for some reason.  Danielson said the Elite don’t represent what AEW is anymore (lots of fans might agree with that, and not in the way Danielson means).

He said Tony Khan has been at every AEW show.  Which got muted cheers at best.  Yet the Bucks can’t be bothered to show up in Vancouver.  He repeated that he loves AEW.  And will do ‘anything, and I mean anything, to protect it.’

Meh.  Delivered with passion but generic.  Didn’t explain what it needed protecting from.  It’s not like the Elite have totally taken over the show and changed everything.  Or are stealing titles or making ridiculous stipulations.  Feud seems forced.


They showed Swerve being beaten down by his former lackeys Weds.

Will Ospreay vs Lee Moriarty

Backstory: NONE

Kinda sounded like Bobby Cruise said Moriarty was repping ‘Shit Taylor Promotions.’ Roderick Strong and the Disputed Kingdom (UK sans Cole & Wardlow) came out to join on comms so hopefully this doesn’t go too long – since neither announcer has a particularly lengthy first name.

Moriarty took Will down working the arm, Ospreay trying to fight up and getting a headlock until being tripped back down, headlock takeover from Ospreay, Moriarty just ducked a wicked kick and looked like he’d had a brush with death.

Starting again, grapple, they did lots of acrobatic stuff which looked like a gymnastics routine while maintaining the grapple, including each hitting a monkey flip.  Until Moriarty went after the arm to break the grip.  Ospreay hit back via step-up headscissors then worked the crowd before a vaulting cross body.


Moriarty began targeting the neck, Ospreay came back with his flipping kick.  Series of rights, back body, bootwash in the corner, to the top, diving forearm, for two.  He went to hook the storm breaker but changed his mind.  Allowing Moriarty to hit a flipping slam for two.

Moriarty hit an enizguri, sent Ospreay atop the buckle, Will slipped under, Nando’s kick, scooped Moriarty onto the shoulders into a blue thunder for a near fall.  Oscutter coming, Taylor to the apron, he took a superkick, Ospreay ducked Moriarty, hit a hook kick but was snatched into the Border City Stretch.  He broke it by rolling his weight to bag two, hit a running elbow smash, set up the storm breaker again, looking right at Strong as he landed it to win.

Strong was talking a lot while on comms; not a word sank in outside of calling Ospreay a coward.  This feud seems galaxies below the Brit.

The Disputed Kingdom distracted him, Taylor beat Will down from behind.  Strong posed over him.  Stand corrected – what’s bigger than a galaxy?  Ospreay’s booking since beating Danielson might be a chapter in Death of AEW.

Winner: Will Ospreay

Willow’s facing someone at a Stardom show soon.  Tam Nakano?  Sorry was typing and didn’t properly catch it.

They then showed Mercedes throwing out the first pitch at Fenway this weekend.

Evan Rivers & the Voros Twins vs Brian Cage & Gates of Agony

Backstory: NONE

If Swerve doesn’t come out to attack here, it needs ‘splainin.

The obvious winners won very quickly.  AEW then continued providing mic time to people who can’t talk, Schiavone heading in to speak to Cage.  Cage said they’d already explained why they did what they did to Swerve.  Apparently.  But deigned to repeat himself – Swerve’s selfish and only used them when he needed them.

The leadership they need is that of their EVP’s, Matthew and Nicholas Jackson.

At this, Swerve’s music cranked.  He came from behind with a chain, quickly taking out the Gates, boot for Cage, who countered a flatliner, or was about to, when Strickland slipped behind and took him down, house call, Stomp off the apron for Leona, one for Kaun too after an apron pump kick.

Cage watched from the ramp as Strickland chained Leona to the ringpost by the neck.  Kaun walloped Swerve from behind.  Then yelled a message into the camera aimed at Nana (not in English).

Swerve recovered to aim a cinder block at dude’s midsection.  Then grabbed a chair.  Cage continued watching, wanting no part of this as the champ prepped a chair shot with Kaun’s head atop the stairs (like a conchairto).  And hit.

Like that Swerve came out, like that he was pissed, like that he mostly beat the crap out of his former underlings, don’t like that he always seems to go from normal to psychopath at the drop of a hat.  Which, admittedly, isn’t helped by the fact that like nine people were beaten down Weds, but only Strickland went ham.

It’s also very possible I’ve mixed the Gates up here.  Apologies.

Schiavone continued his drive to diminish the meaning of positive description by calling the night so far ‘incredible.’

Winner: Brian Cage & Gates of Agony

Back from break, Swerve backstage saying he tried to be what AEW needed.  But some people had tried to take advantage of his good nature.  First Christian, then the EVP’s and ‘NOW MY OWN FREAKIN’ PEOPLE!!!’

He took care of the Gates and Brian Cage is next on Wednesday.

Daniel Garcia vs KM

Backstory: NONE

Matt Menard joined on comms.  Dancin’ Daniel was immediately beaten down in the corner but fought back, tried a suplex and was walloped down before the big man mocked Garcia’s dance – brilliantly, so deliberately terribly.  Absolutely wonderful.

Schiavone’s obviously into some kinky ish, yelling ‘that’s a dance everyone can get behind!’ as Garcia thrust his junk repeatedly into the heel’s face.  Garcia then won quickly with the Dragon Tamer.

Menard said he didn’t get paid by the hour and left.  Nigel said he’s surprised Menard gets paid at all.

Winner: Daniel Garcia

They replayed the end of Dynamite with the AitA match coming together.

Dynamite Kid Tommy Billington vs Dax Harwood

Backstory: NONE

Tony Khan’s incessant, almost addictive need to constantly bring in new wrestlers never fails to amaze.  Billington is the OG Dynamite Kid’s nephew.  He came out to the classic British Bulldog theme of Rule Brittania.

Crowd very quiet for the first time all night as this began, Kid (for brevity) forcing Dax to the corner before a break.  Certainly has his uncle’s snarling glare.  They wrestled looking for control via the arm, into a Dax headlock takeover and shoulder tackle for barely one.

Headbutt exchange with the wrists captured; Dax countered into a hammerlock takedown.  Kid hit a monkey flip but Dax held on.  Until whipping the youngster off – Kid hit several shoulder blocks until finally knocking Dax outside with maybe the fifth.

Back in, a leapfrog/dropdown sequence ended with Dax ending the youngster via back elbow.  Then began the chops.  Kid fought out of the corner with some of his own but ate Dax’s hammerlock lariat, snap suplex, legdrop, just two.

Kid landed a leapfrog and dropkick before Cactus Clotheslining himself and Harwood outside.  Love that Cash raced over to check on his partner.  FTR just don’t allow you to see behind the magic.  Appreciated.

Ads.  Very well wrestled, not much atmosphere.  Kid looks fairly good but nothing ‘wow’ so far.

Billington off the top to the outside via lariat, crowd chanting ‘Dynamite’ now as he followed with a shotgun off the top, firing up, stiff Tom Billington-esque lariat against the ropes, snap suplex, up top once more, very nice diving elbow.  Near fall.  Might already have to retract my statement just above.  That was a nice sequence.

They grappled in and out of a suplex until Dax placed Billington up top.  Headbutts from Kid left Dax down, he eyed the crowd, for too long, allowing Dax to clamber back up, superplex from the tippy top, both down.  This is getting good.

Dax German, holding on for another, Kid switching into one of his own, and another via deadlift, seeking a third, Dax back elbow, Kid tried a rollup but was nailed via dragon suplex, both down again.  Crowd getting more into this now.

Kid slipped out of a powerbomb, getting a pair of rollups for two, including a victory roll a la Owen.  He then tried another from the top but Dax countered into a slingshot powerbomb to win.  Cool move.  Very nice match.  FTR always get me with the way they build their matches to peak.  Just awesome at it.

FTR helped Billington up and gave him dap.  Then left him in the ring to take in the cheers.

Winner: Dax Harwood

The announcers said Callis has brought Jeff Cobb in to settle the score after the injury to Hobbs.  Which they’ve never mentioned once on tv.  Seriously…

He and Kyle Fletcher are facing Danielson and Mox Weds.  Give you a quid if you can guess who’s taking the loss.


To the Elite after Dynamite.  Okada challenged Dax for Weds.  Then left.

Perry said he’d never been so miserable as he was last year.  But this year, he’s got a black eye from Kenny and has ‘bitches’ pulling his hair from behind during beatdowns, yet he’s never felt so good.  ‘All of you are dead.’

He left too.

The Bucks were talking about AitA last year when Christopher Daniels walked past.  The Bucks started to bully him about giving him his job when Danielson fired up and said he’d sacrificed his career to help the company and if Matt ever talked to him like that again, ‘I’ll beat your ass.’

The Bucks cowered against the wall.  Say what you will about these guys, they always ‘show ass’ as heels.

Btw, Jack Perry was awesome here.  Fingers couldn’t keep up with everything he said, but the edge, swagger, conviction and delivery clearly being channeled from a real place were just great.


To Daniels, live.  He said the Bucks forgot where they came from.  He was in AEW from day one.  But the Bucks want to make everything about them.  He said the Bucks have punished him by making him find a partner and wrestling on Dynamite.  He picks Matt Sydal, ‘the Zen Assassin.’  Not a clue how he kept a straight face saying that moniker.

He said it was the Bucks who’d be punished.

So I assume he’s facing them.  They didn’t make it clear.  Fiery promo.  Hard to care about he and Sydal, particularly as they’re stacking Dynamite full of very obvious finishes once again.


FTR backstage.  Dax said they’re the only guys who wrestle on Dynamite and Collision.  Which is fine with them.  But coming off a tough match vs Kid he might have to face maybe the best wrestler of all time, ‘that’s you Okada.’

He promised Kazuchika that ‘you ain’t never faced somebody like me.’

Nice stuff.  Short but really put Okada over as a tough hill to climb.  He also gave Billington some props.

Thunder Rosa vs Robyn Renegade

Backstory: NONE

After grappling for control, Rosa hit a pair of armdrags, dropkick, Renegade down, dragged up, chop in the ropes, one in the corner; Renegade hit back, was whipped to the apron and  kicked down to ringside before ducking a dive (Rosa got caught in the ropes a bit) and nailing a kick.


Rosa clobbered her with a blow to the back of the head, running lariat, another, lungblower, crowd into Rosa here as she prepped and hit a running dropkick.  For two.  She yelled into the camera at Purrazzo.

Renegade took Rosa down, went up top, missed a moonsault, took a stomp, into a cobra clutch on the mat, tap.  Props for tapping.  Not enough do.

Rosa again talked trash into the camera, aimed at Deonna.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

Lexy with Johny Elite and Taya Valkyrie.  Johny challenged Pac.  Then they made out.  Always enjoy Taya, plays her part well, loads of charisma.  No idea why they got tv time here.


To Stoop Kid aka Hook.  He said he’d told Jericho from the start he knew what he was like.  So what Jericho did pissed him off but none of it surprised him.  ‘Jericho, you don’t know who or what I can be, but I can’t wait to show you.’

Not great.  Still sounds very forced.

Adam Copeland vs Kyle O’Reilly (TNT Title)

Backstory: Kyle helped Copeland so he could ask for this match as a favor

Fresh from not caring that his former friends are an evil gang, Kyle helped out a fellow babyface purely so he could ask for a favor.  Now that’s a guy we can all get behind.

He got a massive pop from his hometown.  The announcers talked about this like it was Omega/MJF.

Collar and elbow, Copeland slowly working the arm, double wristlock, rope break.  Another lockup, another headlock, crowd chanting for O’Reilly.  Who briefly got a top wristlock as they continued wrestling in and out of holds, each briefly getting the advantage until O’Reily was sent to the corner, avoiding a charge, headlock takeover out, Copeland to his feet, whipping Kyle to the corner, Kyle faked out Copeland to grab another headlock takeover.

Copeland to the apron, fighting back in, O’Reilly got another headlock takeover.  This one out of a belly to back.  Then working the arm, shot to the gut then aiming knees at the shoulder.  Nigel criticized how Kyle got this match through disingenuously helping Copeland – comparing it to a neighbor coming over to help with your sink, only to clog your toilet.

As Copeland took over, gutbuster across the knee, stiff whip to the buckle, Kyle crashing out, Copeland knee to the kidney then following up with shots.  This is the 100th TNT Title match per the announcers (which means it’s been defended about every other week since its inception.  Which is ridiculous).  Till they said that I’d forgotten the title was on the line.  Since this doesn’t feel remotely worthy.

Copeland draped Kyle across the ropes via front suplex then knocked him off the apron.


Kyle seeking a superplex, headbutted down, Copeland leaping off into an armlock but fighting free into his crossface.  Kyle about to tap until getting the ropes with his leg.  Exchange of forearms, Copeland hit a front suplex across his knees, Kyle staggered out to the ropes, rebounding via lariat, both down.

Kyle blocked a Copeland boot then hit a bunch of knees and kicks, legsweep, running forearm, another, belly to back into a leglock.  Copeland’s selling here was great.  Shame there’s zero drama as to the winner.  To the apron now, he got an armwringer, dropping off to snap Copeland’s arm against the apron, diving knee to the spine from the top, into the Fujiwara, Copeland rolled through and landed a reverse facebuster.

Both down again.

To their feet, yay/boo, exchanging boots to the face, Kyle leapfrogged a Spear, rollup for a very near fall.  Nice sequence.  Copeland transitioning immediately to a rear naked choke, Kyle trying to grab the arm, finally getting the armbar, Copeland powered up to hit a pair of kicks to the gut but was rolled up for another near fall.

Both down again.

Copeland seeking a superplex; Kyle countered into an avalanche armbreaker, Kyle just dropped to the mat after a shot to the gut.  The ref checked on him and kept Copeland at bay.  Maybe it’ll be revealed as a low blow and the House getting into Copeland’s head?  Was weird.

Copeland went for a Spear; Kyle countered into a triangle, Copeland stood up with Kyle still draped on him then turned it into an impaler.  Both down, Kyle finally staggered up, right into a Spear.  And actually didn’t kick out.  Amazing.  Props for losing clean to a guy’s finish.

Technically a very good match which built to several moments which would’ve been drama-packed if there was even a hint of a chance O’Reilly might win.

The docs were still checking his midsection as the show ended.  If this was an angle, they’re doing far too many – Danielson, Matthews and now Kyle.  In the space of about three weeks.

Winner: Adam Copeland


Next Dynamite:

  • Hook’s back
  • Mercedes/Willow contract signing (eugh, overdone)
  • Danielson & Moxley vs Fletcher & Jeff Cobb
  • Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal vs Young Bucks (Tag Title Eliminator)
  • Swerve vs Brian Cage (AEW Title Eliminator)
  • Okada vs Dax (Continental Title)
  • Mercedes/Willow contract signing

Next Collision:

  • Ospreay vs Shane Taylor

Thumbs Up/Down

  • BCC vs Top Flight
  • Jack Perry’s promo – as noted Weds, he seems to be stronger when pre-recorded, and if he has more like this in him, needs featured time on Dynamite
  • Dax vs Dynamite Kid
  • Actually seemed like a part of AEW tv – like it was continuing things from Dynamite – rather than as a separate show where nothing happens, which it’s all too often felt like in the past
  • And built stuff well for Dynamite, which probably shouldn’t be something notable. But is.  Hopefully it continues


  • Somewhat spoiled by two of those matches being eliminators for guys who never win. And Dax getting a title shot out of nowhere when neither he or Okada even brought it up.  Please, somebody, show Tony Khan the ratings back when he didn’t do title matches and eliminators every week, they aren’t the solution
  • The most depthful reason for a match tonight was ‘A guy asked for a favor’
  • After beating Bryan Danielson, Will Ospreay disappeared for two weeks with zero explanation, beat perennial loser Lee Moriarty in a close-fought match, was beaten down by perennial loser Shane Taylor, ahead of facing a man who has spent most of the last year as a total comedy geek
  • Amid absolutely no mention of Danielson’s injury or any ongoing resentment/tension, despite both being on the show

Appreciate you reading.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Paul Hemming
Paul Hemminghttps://h00kedon.weebly.com/
Paul Hemming got into AEW during the pandemic, lives in Liverpool, England, and is a huge Liverpool fan, Playstation player and history lover.

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