Collision TV Report for 04/20/2024

Venue: Peoria Civic Center, Peoria, Ill.


Nigel’s back to join Tony on comms.

Top Flight & Action Andretti vs Adam Copeland, Eddie Kingston & Mark Briscoe

Backstory: NONE

Briscoe and Andretti to start.  Andretti got in a Karate Kid stance and I’m already done.  You’re losers, you’re not serious, go away.

He kipped up to grab a headlock, Briscoe rolled through a sunset flip attempt, basement lariat into a headlock.  Andretti landed on his feet out of a hiptoss then landed a tejeiras and a dropkick.  Springboard tornijo, Briscoe out at barely one.

Turnaround forearm off the buckle from Briscoe, stiff chop, Andretti to the vets’ corner, Copeland in, double shoulder charge, Andretti down.  Vets very popular here.  Crowd must feel they’ve hit the jackpot with this lineup too compared to your average Saturday.

Andretti began throwing crisp kicks, weak chops and strikes, handspring back elbow, trying to tag, Darius in, right after Copeland’s shoulder, backslide for two, dropkick, tag to Dante, crowd chanting for ‘Adam’ as Top Flight got into their double team game.  So were booed.

Dante missed then dodged a corner charge but was hauled out of the corner via running powerslam.  Kingston in, headbutts to the corner, stiff chop knocking the youngster to his knees, he came back via springboard senton but was just walloped down via lariat.

Loud ‘Eddie’ chants, break.

Dante struggling to his feet, ducking a lariat, step-up tejeiras, leaping knee, Darius in, Briscoe too, Darius shots and lariats for the opposition, tornado ddt on Copeland into a double ddt on he and Briscoe.  For two.

Andretti and Dante took out the others via dive.

Briscoe fought the youngsters off with exploders, Kingston back in to take a Dante tornado ddt off his brother’s chest, Andretti running shooting star, Copeland saving the pin.  Nice sequence.

All six struggling to their feet, racing at each other, all six lariats, all six down.  Crowd loving this.  Andretti and Kingston up first, the vet yelling at Andretti to bring it, shaking off his shots until an enziguri landed.  Dante landed a thrust kick, seemed to hurt his left leg landing after a moonsault, taken out by impaler, Briscoe Jay Driller on Darius.

Action ran at a ducking Briscoe, right into an Uriken, right into a Spear, Briscoe to the top, Froggy Bow, Kingston got the pin.

Fantastically fun, fast-paced tag from start to finish.  Helped by a crowd who loved the vets here.  The vets held up the youngsters’ arms.  Before the inevitable dulling of the lights.  Spooky promo from the House.  Malakai addressed ‘Adam’ personally.  They’ll take them to hell or something.  But ‘hell is where the heart is.’  Whatever that means.  Copeland went all serious; Kingston’s dismissive, quizzical smirk more apropos.

Collision feels like a show they should be using to build up young acts like the losers here.  Obviously that changes a bit the day before a ppv.

Winner: Adam Copeland, Eddie Kingston & Mark Briscoe

Recap of the Joe/Swerve feud.  Particularly the show-closing angle Wednesday.  Good job making it seem dramatic.  This was very good.

Will Hobbs vs ???

Backstory: NONE

‘Nice, they’re actually featuring all of the Callis Fam,’ I thought as Hobbs was coming out.  Then remembered he’s facing Mox Weds and it’s the standard, feature a guy once against a nobody before he loses to a somebody.

Will won quickly with the Torture Rack.  Playing into the whole I break backs thing.

Callis left the announce booth and grabbed a mic.  Heavy boos as norm.  He won’t be at ringside for the bunkhouse match out of concerns for his personal safety.  He said he was responsible for Omega winning the IWGP title in 2017 and Jericho/Omega in 2018.

New Japan considered that a favor, so he’s cashed that in (Please no, not another pointless title match) and Hobbs match with Mox is for the title.  Yaaay, 99% certainty just became 100.

Total waste of time.  Tonight and Wednesday.  This formula doesn’t work Tony.  If it did, you wouldn’t be showing Brawl In footage.

Winner: Will Hobbs

Ospreay/Danielson promo.  Really ramming home Danielson being the underdog.  All of the quotes here from Ospreay, since Danielson hasn’t really said anything of note during the feud.


Recap of Hook/Jericho from Weds.

Jericho promo from backstage.  Booed from the start, he nonetheless went back to his early days in WCW, playing the OTT Sorry I lost my temper babyface.  He said Hook was justified in what he did after Jericho’d put his hands on Taz.

And they at least back-splained that Jericho asked Tony Khan for the FTW Title to be on the line.  Though it’s ‘tell’ rather than ‘show.’  He said he’s going to teach Hook lessons and they’ll hurt him more than they hurt Hook.

Boos were pretty drab here.

The Gunns vs the Acclaimed

Backstory: The Acclaimed challenged the Gunns Weds ahead of their unification match tomorrow

Though better than the non-response for BCG as they made their entrance.  Damage done.  Acclaimed weren’t all that much hotter.  Caster cut a lame rap about incest among other things.

Schiavone got on a mic to say Tony Khan threatened to remove them from the ppv if BCG tried to leave.  This was not smoothly done.

Acclaimed quickly hit scissor me timbers to Austin, Colten missed a corner splash.  But of course got back on offense because the break was coming.


Caster kept being cut off from the tag till finally getting it, Bowens’ comebacks always good, really should do more with this guy, over the shoulder fameasser which Billy called from ringside.  For two.

Schiavone pointed out that ‘Jay White wants nothing to do with the legend himself Billy Gunn.’  Lesson not learned.  And the word legend just lost like half its value.

Colten nearly got a pin with his feet on the ropes after causing Bowens to knock Caster outside.  Austin just saved the pin, this crowd could not care less about these guys.  The contrast with the opener is striking.

Colten got two with a fameasser.  There’s just constant silliness and interference here.  Austin got another two count.  They were going to hit their finish but Bowens backed up, Caster tagged in, Colten raked the eyes but it didn’t matter since he just waited till Caster got up.  Caster was crotched by Austin, Bowens smashed him into the ring and took out the Gunns with superkicks.

Briefly anyway, they hit him with 3:10 to Yuma, Caster came down via mic drop for two.  This is a mess.  Barely any tags, constant stupidity.  As I was writing that, Jay White gave Colten leverage to bag the pin.

This stuff was Jarrett-esque.

Winner: The Gunns

Lexy with Danielson.  She mentioned that Takeshita took him out with a brainbuster last week (which they still haven’t shown).  Danielson said he ‘feel(s) alive.’  He wonders if Callis doesn’t have the faith in Ospreay that he says he does since he keeps trying to take Danielson out.

And tonight he’ll get revenge against Takeshita then test himself tomorrow against Ospreay.

Far too late in the day, Ospreay barged in to say he had nothing to do with Dynamite or last week’s Collision.  *Shakes head*.

He wants Danielson at 100%, he had nothing to do with any of this stuff.  Danielson smiled wryly then said, ‘Sure.’  And left.  As Will continued protesting and wasn’t happy.


They showed Rosa beating down then lipsticking Storm Wednesday.

Then cut to a Toni promo.  She wanted it in full color to show what Rosa did.  Problem is, the lipstick was now red.  And there was more of it.  Fairly certain it was purple Wednesday.

Storm said there’s nothing worse than a wrestler who says they’re not selfish.  This business is selfish.  If Rosa wanted to uplift women she should’ve remained a social worker.  Rosa might be a fighter but she’s a star.

And Toni’s made the belt a star.  She said a bunch of serious stuff then a bunch of sexual stuff about her bottom and hell being in her bedroom.

Edged toward good, stayed the wrong side of whacky.

Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli vs Kyle Fletcher & Konosuke Takeshita (Bunkhouse Brawl)

Backstory: Takeshita laid Danielson out last Saturday with a brainbuster on the ramp

Sure would be nice if the Fam got a win for once.  They attacked during the BCC’s entrance.  All four dressed for a fight.  They brawled into the crowd.  Claudio ran down the steps into Fletcher as Danielson held him.

Danielson went retro to choke Fletcher with a chain.  ‘Didn’t work out very well the last time he did that,’ observed Nigel (it got him fired from WWE).  Claudio and Takeshita finally made it to the ring.  The other two still brawling outside.

Takeshita bit Claudio but ran into a swing.  Danielson returning to end with a dropkick.  But was cut off on a dive by Fletcher flinging a chair at him.  Claudio had Takeshita in the sharpshooter but was really dumb so just watched as Fletcher prepared then threw powder at him.

Impressive last ride for two.  Fletcher has him some strength.

Ads.  Danielson’s bleeding.

Back to him slipping out of a brainbuster on the ramp to land a ddt instead.  Claudio obliterated Fletcher with something (it went flying so couldn’t see) then ran him headfirst into a chair.  Then did the same into the steps.

Danielson was then striking Takeshita right by the camera and you could hear the thump of each blow.  Claudio flung him back in then propped him across the top rope.  Danielson off the top via leaping knee, Takeshita on his knees for yes kicks.  Even the roundhouse at the end landed for once.

Busaiku coming, leading a yes chant, Fletcher grabbed his boot, Claudio took a German from Take, the heels hit synchronized brainbusters, both babyfaces out at two.  Fletcher pulled out a chain from under the ring – that weapon’s vastly overused.

Danielson fought free to block a blow from it, heels taken into stereo H&A down into the LeBell.  Hobbs out to spinebuster both.  Facials were great as he heard the first strains of Wild Thing.  These fans seriously hit the damn jackpot tonight.

He and Mox brawled around ringside then into the crowd and disappeared.

Danielson down, heels up, Claudio nowhere. They readied a top rope powerbomb onto a propped chair; Danielson rana’d Takeshita onto it instead.  Claudio returned with his arm wrapped in a chain and waylaid the heels.

All leaving Fletcher to take a busaiku knee then LeBell with the chain in what was the most predictable individual winner and loser.

Fun enough.  Not my style of match.

An angry Danielson then got on the mic to complain that people had complained about him having a bunkhouse match the night before he wrestles Ospreay.  ‘It’s because of this!’  Some people think of heaven as gold or forty virgins.  When Danielson dies he’ll be bleeding in the ring before a bunch of people.

‘Tomorrow at Dynasty, Will Ospreay, (right into the camera) I’m gonna beat your ass!’

Cannot believe they saved all this until the night before the ppv on a show half the audience watches.  This is what was needed Wednesday – teasing that Danielson didn’t trust Ospreay, a fired-up promo…

Winner: Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli

Recap of Willow, Julia, Mercedes from Weds.  Willow and Statlander with Stokely.  Statlander played around with the letters ‘F U’ in corny fashion.  Till Stokely said they meant something else where he’s from.

So offered the letters to the House and Julia.

Willow asked if a confident champion needs to use a chain just days before a title match.  So Sunday Willow’s going to raise her high and ‘slam you!  Powerbomb you through that mat.’

‘Tomorrow at Dynasty, I’m walkin’ out TBS Champion ya bitch!’

Now that’s how you use that word!  After the nicest, most babyface babyface in the world takes a cheapshot and finally has enough.  Less is more yo.

Stokely and Statlander both acted shocked she’d said it.  Based on her character, it was a big deal.  Very nice.

Skye Blue vs Leyla Hirsch

Backstory: NONE

Don’t think I’ve seen Leyla since covid.  Not great just throwing her out in a cold match.

Blue attacked at the bell until being swept into ground and pound.  Don’t want to be a dick (always a good start I know) but Skye runs the ropes and it just feels like you’re watching your friends practice moves on a trampoline.

Anyway, the ensuing Code Blue was countered.  Very nice pump kick from Leyla, Blue bailed outside.   And hit a swinging neckbreaker off the apron.  Dude, why would you take that move!?  Brutal.

Skye’s ‘almost unstoppable’ since aligning with Julia, per Nigel.  Crowd silent.  Tony pushed a Britt Baker action figure.

Leyla landed a few strikes but one from Skye took her down.  Handspring elbow strike which Leyla immediately shook off.  Wheelbarrow German.  Seemed like a miscommunication since Leyla waited in a stance for Blue to get up but eventually had to just walk over to her.

Skye put her upstairs, thrust kick, Leyla blocked a superplex to hit a flipping German, looked dangerous as hell, neither looked comfortable with it, Blue’s head really snapped against the mat.  Leyla then legit tripped up top and took a nasty spill.  Skye got a dragon sleeper for the tap.

No business being on tv.  Was worried either would legit get hurt several times.  AEW need some sort of feeder system.

Winner: Skye Blue

The Elite vs Pac & FTR

Backstory: The Bucks are facing FTR tomorrow; likewise Pac and Okada

Did not expect this to get the usual Collision thirty mins.  Even all of his Okada bucks couldn’t have bought a boo.

He and Pac to start.  Loud chants for Okada.  As happened Wednesday, he turned Pac’s back to the Bucks and they tried to attack from behind.  Unlike Wednesday, Pac was ready so took them out then introduced Okada to the buckle.

Shots to the gut and face, Cash in, more stomps to the gut.  European uppercut rocking Okada as Pac quickly back in.  Bucks making the save by dragging Okada outside, to boos.  Faces following with trio baseball slides, splitting off and brawling around ringside.

Until Pac flung Okada back in, tag to Dax, stinging chop, uppercut, Okada had enough and walked toward Dax, exchange of rights until the Japanese laid Dax out with an uppercut.  Matt in right into a hip toss, Cash more uppercuts, Jackson stuck until raking Pac’s eyes and tagging Okada back in.

Quick tags from the faces as Pac came in off the top via stomp to the shoulder, Brutalizer coming, the Bucks raced in to break it.  Nick in, the heels tried trio baseball slides, the faces moved and they brawled again around ringside, faces on top into the break.


Cash in trouble after his balls were taken on a date with the ringpost.  Boos for the heels turning into Punk chants which were themselves booed.  Sigh.

Fist drop from Matt, into a sleeper on the mat, Cash fighting up seeking a tag, belly to back freeing him, Nick in to cut off the tag and whip Cash back to the Elite corner.  Okada in via senton, exchange of words with Pac before Matt came back in.  And raked the eyes but missed a cross body, Pac in, Nick too, Pac accelerating into a running elbow strike, surgical kicks into a running boot, brainbuster, two.

Dude’s so good.

Both FTR down, Pac fighting off the Elite: rebound German for Okada, twisting dive for the Bucks, off the top for a Dax-assisted spike piledriver.  For two.  Black Arrow coming, Matt and Nick booted off the apron but this left him open as Okada aimed a big boot.  Then took the ref as the Bucks sent Pac to the steps.

Then sent him back inside, right into an Okada flapjack.


Pac rana’d out of powerbomb in the corner, causing Nick to gamengiri his bro.  Then run into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, Pac crawling, tagging, Dax in – snapping jabs, hammerlock lariat, just wailing on Nick in the corner till Okada entered.

They played around with Dax seeking the hammerlock lariat (obviously a bit like the Rainmaker) until he landed a brainbuster instead.  This allowed Nick to recover but he was crotched up top.  Landing in a tree of woe.  Pac and Cash dragging Matt so his crotch crashed into his brother’s face and they crashed together.  Crowd liked that.  Very funny, very creative.

Nick was then tossed by Dax into a Pac German as Cash dove over into a jackknife pin for two. Already massively regretting only giving the Bucks and FTR an ‘8’ for match quality at Dynasty.

Matt returned to help his bro and Okada tagged in.  Matt took out Nick when Dax ducked but Okada hit a ddt.  His chest red as he aimed raking boots at Harwood.  Then offered his chin for a wobbly Dax.  Who responded with a wicked flurry until running into the dropkick.

Rainmaker coming, Dax ducked under, sharpshooter, the Bucks held back by the other faces until finally fighting free, superkick party to break the hold.  Dax left 1:3, running Okada attack/Bucks double gamengiri in the corner, Okada avalanche, Nick running knee, Matt diving elbow, the faces saving the pin.

All six fighting now, powerplex coming on Matt right into a Pac 450, Okada and Nick shoved FTR down onto the pin to break it.  All six slowly to their feet, head-to-head, three pairs of exchanges, Bucks superkicked FTR out of the ring, Shatter Machine to Pac for a very near fall.

EVP Trigger, Cash just making the save, sending Nick out, Matt right into a Shatter Machine, Okada bridged outside, dragging Dax out, ddt, Cash taking out Okada and Nick via tope, Matt down, Pac to the top, Black Arrow, ‘boom!’ as Tony Schiavone yelled, 1, 2, 3.

Good.  God.  That was phenomenal.  Nice seeing the Bucks working a slower-building match.  But bloody hell did they all make it peak.  You must watch this.

The heels were beating down the faces when Daniel Garcia ran out but was taken down 1:3.  Until Pac and FTR recovered, the Geordie locking Okada in some sort of crucifix hold, Okada screaming as the Bucks pulled him to safety and the heels fled up the ramp.

Winner: Pac & FTR


 Next Dynamite:

  • Mox vs Hobbs (IWGP Title)

Thumbs Up/Down

  • Opening six-man
  • Willow’s promo
  • Closing six-man
  • Plenty going on, far more than your average Collision, a very effective ‘go home’ show in fact, outside of not featuring Joe/Swerve this should’ve been a Dynamite, possibly my favourite AEW show of the year


  • Could they have left the Ospreay/Danielson drama any later (that’s rhetorical yet also has an answer – ‘no’)
  • Anything involving the former BBSGang

Appreciate you reading.  Enjoy Dynasty and the rest of the weekend.

Paul Hemming
Paul Hemminghttps://h00kedon.weebly.com/
Paul Hemming got into AEW during the pandemic, lives in Liverpool, England, and is a huge Liverpool fan, Playstation player and history lover.

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