IMPACT moving back to 9PM time slot on May 30


TNA’s flagship television show IMPACT will be moving back to its original time slot of 9PM EST starting on May 30. The big news was announced by TNA President Dixie Carter on Twitter earlier today.

It was on May 31, 2012, that Spike and TNA agreed to move IMPACT an hour earlier to kick off at 8PM EST, a move which didn’t bring much pluses when it came to viewership on Thursdays. The 8PM time slot was announced on the same day that it was revealed IMPACT would be going live every week.

IMPACT is now airing live once every two weeks and is no longer taped at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. TNA took the old WWE model where they go around the country with their show, doing one live television show and then taping the next week’s show immediately after.