Hulk Hogan says that bio pic is in the works


Hulk Hogan says a lot of crazy stuff and the latest is that he told TMZ.COM cameras that a movie about his life is in the works.

When the TMZ paparazzo was quizzing Hulk about steroids in baseball and if he encountered same problems when he was wrestling, Hogan said he can’t talk to him anymore since he’s obviously not a wrestling fan!

“When the Hulk Hogan bio pic comes in 10 years who’s the ideal person to play you man?” the paparazzo asked. “It’s being worked on right now, brother,” Hulk replied as he stayed in line at a check-in at LaGuardia airport.

Hogan then said that his son Nick would be “perfect” to play him in the movie.

The Hulkster likes to exaggerate things so take this with a grain of salt.