Heath Miller to wrestle Moose next week and will get an Impact Wrestling deal if he wins


Heath Miller, the artist formerly known as Heath Slater in WWE, found himself in a familiar angle on Impact Wrestling on AXS TV where he will have to win a match to earn his spot on the Impact Wrestling roster.

Miller interrupted Moose on last night’s show and informed him that the TNA championship committee gave him a contract to wrestle him on next week’s broadcast. Moose was not impressed and told Heath that there’s no TNA championship committee which led to Heath telling Moose if there’s no championship committee then there’s no TNA champion. Moose has been parading around with the TNA championship for the past several weeks, calling himself the real TNA champion. Moose eventually caved in and accepted his challenge.

Scott D’Amore then came by and asked to look at the TNA contract he was holding. He informed Heath that if he can beat Moose next week, he’ll sign him to an Impact Wrestling deal.