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The Rock returns to embrace his role as Black Adam

There are few wrestling superstars who have had as much of an impact throughout the industry as The Rock. Notwithstanding Hulk Hogan, the fact of the matter is that The Rock has truly opened up the world of wrestling to an entirely new generation of fans due to his transition into the film industry. Known for his role within the Fast and the Furious franchise as well as his ability to embrace such memorable characters as Hercules, there is no doubt that this powerhouse will continue to enjoy a bright career. Fans are also eager to keep up to date with the latest news involving The Rock. So, what does this icon have planned in the near future?

The Perfect Larger-Than-Life Villain

Many individuals actually wanted to see The Rock embrace the role as Thanos in the MCU. While Josh Brolin certainly did an amazing job, the fact of the matter is that fans were left wondering if The Rock would ever be allowed to don the cape of a powerful villain. Surprisingly, this was initially planned as far back as 2014.

The Rock was slated to play an on-screen villain by the name of Black Adam after he signed a contract with Warner Brothers. Note that this is the very same studio that was behind all of the DC films. Unfortunately, his chances were sidelined in favour of such films as Justice League and Batman Versus Superman (both of which performed surprisingly poorly in theatres). Could the presence of The Rock could have saved the dismal outcomes of these ventures?

The good news is that we will not have to wait for long to see The Rock dressed in his villain attire. It has recently been announced that he will be appearing at the DC Fandome as Black Adam.

Taking on the Role of an Anti-Hero

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this news is the fact that The Rock has generally played heroes in his films; much like his presence while in the ring. In truth, could we really every expect him to take on the role of a heel again after witnessing how far he has come? The big question is whether or not this upcoming appearance may be hinting at larger things to come. Might Warner Brothers be contemplating the release of a full-length Black Adam film? Could The Rock be slated to play a villain in an upcoming release? Much like online casino games, the answer to these questions might represent a slight roll of the dice.

In truth, The Rock is not the only wrestling superstar who has made his way into the film industry. Other modern examples include Dave Bautista, John Cena and Becky Lynch. However, we need to remember that The Rock is by far the most famous and successful. Considering the sheer personal magnetism of this super star, it only stands to reason that studios are keen to cast him in a growing number of roles. Perhaps one of these will see him embracing his darker side.


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