Damien Sandow debuts in TNA as Aron Rex


TNA’s newest acquisition, Damien Sandow, made his TNA debut last night on Impact under a new name – Aron Rex.

The former WWE Superstar cut a “shoot” promo and said that TNA gave him something that others were scared to do: give him a microphone on live television. He skipped the usual talk about glass ceilings and brass rings and focused on the fans, even telling his former employer that this is “not about you.”

He said that at TNA, wrestlers pass, fail, succeed and not succeed based on talent alone, bringing up the names of Ethan Carter III, Bobby Lashley, and Drew Galloway, three men who did not make it while in the WWE but reached the top while in TNA.

“Mark my words, my way is simply proving it here. And my way is not only going to change the landscape but is going to change the very template of our industry,” Rex said.