Buff Bagwell sues WWE over unpaid WWE Network royalties


There’s another class action lawsuit thrown at WWE, filed on August 9 in the district of Connecticut by Marcus “Buff” Bagwell regarding unpaid WWE Network royalties.

The lawsuit states that plaintiff Marcus Bagwell brings this action on behalf of himself and all similarly situated individuals under similar form contracts, who have not received contractually owed royalty payments from World Wrestling Entertainment for certain content that has been sold or licensed by the WWE on the WWE Network.

Bagwell is saying that claims of the individual members who might join the lawsuit are in excess of $5,000,000 in the aggregate, exclusive of interest and costs.

In the lawsuit, there’s a copy of Bagwell’s WWE contract which was taken over by the company after they bought WCW. Contracts of those which were brought forward were identical with the only difference being that WCW was replaced by the letters WWE.

Former WWE Superstar Rene Dupree also sued WWE over unpaid WWE Network royalties however the lawsuit was dropped after his attorneys realized there was zero chance he would get anything due to wording in his contract.

You can see Bagwell’s complaint here.