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Taya Valkyrie: WWE doesn’t care about its talent or fans


Taya Valkyrie, who up until a few weeks ago performed under the name of Franky Monet on NXT, gave WWE a piece of her mind following the latest round of cuts which also included her husband John Morrison.

“Stop supporting a company that has ZERO respect for their talent,” Valkyrie wrote on her Twitter following the news. “You love pro wrestling, spend your money on the hundreds of other alternatives. This is wrong.”

Valkyrie added that ethically, as employers, WWE doesn’t care about its talent or fans, going full-on nuclear on the company following both of their releases. She was cut just nine months into her WWE stint and after arriving with much fanfare, she did not appear much on NXT television.

When asked by someone on Twitter why is she saying this about WWE, she replied, “My husband got fired. This is why I’m saying this. I’m speaking my truth. I’m sick and tired of ppl treating us like shit. In two weeks we lost both our incomes. Before the holidays, I’m allowed to feel how I do.”

WWE has released some of its top Superstars this year, with close to 100 individuals being cut during 2021. The company has said that these cuts were due to budget cuts even though they have been posting record profits every quarter.