Sin Cara shows up at AAA event using WWE name


Jorge Arias, the man formerly known as Sin Cara in WWE, appeared on the AAA show Guerra de Titanes on Saturday…using his Sin Cara name.

But Arias might be in some hot water as he is on a 90-day no-compete clause and legally he wasn’t able to appear on the show and the name Sin Cara is trademarked by WWE and he wasn’t supposed to use it either. Arias even used the same mask that he used as Sin Cara in WWE.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer says that there was no deal that was worked out between WWE or himself to use the name outside WWE. The original Sin Cara, the man who portrayed the character of Mistico in Mexico, now uses the Carístico name and never used his WWE gimmick outside the promotion. To keep the trademarked name and gimmick alive, WWE then decided to put Arias under the mask when Mistico left.